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Do you believe in love at first sight, Fairies?

Because to be honest, I really don’t. The idea seems idealistically impossible to me. How can love- something built on mutual values, trust and respect- be realised in a single glance? The simple answer is, it can’t.

Yes, this is a Wedding blog. And no, I’m not a total cynic. But do you know what sounds a whole lot more believable to me?

Lust at first sight.

I’m talking about nothing deeper than an animal attraction to someone else’s physicality. It’s basic, it’s raw and some might even say it’s kiddy-pool shallow. I disagree.

Not only do I believe in lust, I think it’s a must. How else is chemistry born? The choice to get to know someone is based purely on who you’re attracted to. That’s not shallow, that’s just reality. And everyone is entitled to be with someone they consider attractive.

Don’t get me wrong, personality is super important. But looks are what sparks an interest, driving the effort to get to know a person more.

When meeting someone you’re not necessarily drawn to looks-wise, it’s easy to find an excuse and walk away with a smile. But what happens when you’ve agreed to Marry someone and lust doesn’t even enter the equation?

Welcome to Married at First Sight. Season 2, which kicked off last night. Australia met the first two couples partaking in this matchmaking experiment and before anyone gets on their moral high horse, we can confirm that it’s not a legal Marriage, but rather a commitment ceremony.

Safe to say one Wedding went swimmingly, the other… not so much.

Erin and Bryce seemed to hit it off from the outset…


…but for Mark and Christie, the struggle was real.


This season’s opening episode painted a very bleak picture of the current dating scene.

An incredibly serious narrator informs us that, “Despite turning to online dating in increasing numbers, the percentage of Australians who are single has never been higher.”

3Image from funnymemes.com

Segue into the singles epidemic, hundreds of Australians seemingly “paralysed by choice,” according to the show’s experts.

And that right there is exactly what I’m talking about. Choice! With so many fish in the sea, humans naturally choose to more closely examine the ones that catch their eye, not their hearts.

Interestingly enough, the Grooms didn’t seem too stressed over a lack of sexual attraction. Rather, it was the Brides fearing a lack of chemistry and questioning their own sanity.

Viewers cringed as Christie talked us through the European man she pictured when in fact, she should’ve been bracing herself for disappointment.

Meanwhile Erin broke out in a nervous rash. Staring down the barrel of the camera, she tells viewers her waking thought was, “How do I deliberately give myself food poisoning so I can get out of this Wedding?”

Turns out Erin’s body rash and Melbourne’s brief almost-cyclone was worth it. After dropping an accidental F-bomb and dashing to the altar, Erin and Bryce were soon clinging to each other for dear life.

Well done experts, tick.

Unfortunately, luck wasn’t as accommodating for Christie.


“I definitely didn’t feel any electricity or chemistry. Physically. At all. Didn’t feel it,” said Christie. “I’m not gonna fake it. I won’t fake anything. Not a guy I would go for. If he was online, I would have swiped past him.”

If only Mark didn’t think she was “an 11 out of 10.”


Despite trying to keep an open mind, the couple’s intimate photoshoot was definitely cringe-worthy viewing. By the end of it, even Mark was questioning whether it was really seasickness that left his Bride so unsettled.

Despite a rocky start, the episode ended with Christie responding really well to Mark’s humour and bubbly personality, but questioning whether a physical attraction will develop.

And nothing says IF like the decorative pillows she used to divide the bed at the end of the night.

Erin and Bryce on the other hand, checked into their hotel suite with the camera crew but were quick to usher them out after consuming all the champagne they could find. Nothing is confirmed Fairies, but let’s just say in their video diary at the end of the night, there wasn’t a throw pillow in sight.

Lust at its finest.

Surely Erin and Bryce’s smashing start is convincing enough. But just in case it isn’t, you can watch more people fake-Marry total strangers and find out for yourself. Tune in again at 7.30 tonight. We predict more Weddings, more drama, and more questionable science to tie these couples together.

Don’t miss it, Fairies!

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