Who Pays for What? A Guide to Cost-Splitting for a Destination Wedding

Planning a wedding in a picturesque location can be an exciting and memorable experience. However, one of the crucial aspects to consider is who should cover the expenses. Below, we’ll break down the etiquette in splitting costs for your dream destination wedding.

Things to Remember When Splitting Costs for Your Destination Wedding

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Remember, the key is to find a balance that works for you and your loved ones. By considering these points and approaching the financial aspects with care and understanding, you can create a memorable destination wedding experience that brings joy to everyone involved.

Here’s Who Should Pay for Your Destination Wedding

1. The Couple’s Responsibilities

As a couple, you will likely bear the majority of the financial burden for your destination wedding. Here’s a breakdown of the expenses you should expect to cover:

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2. Guests’ Responsibilities

While it’s customary for guests to cover their own expenses for attending a destination wedding, it’s important to be considerate of their financial situations. Here’s what guests should typically pay for:

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3. Parents’ Contributions

Traditionally, the parents of the couple may offer to contribute to the wedding expenses. However, their involvement can vary depending on personal circumstances. Here are some possible contributions:

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4. Wedding Party Responsibilities

The wedding party, including bridesmaids and groomsmen, typically have their own financial responsibilities for a destination wedding:

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