We all adore celebrity weddings, especially when it comes to who’s the bride, but how close do you come to one yourself? Take our quiz and find out!

Where would your perfect proposal be?
a) On a romantic getaway in Tanzania
b) In the middle of a stadium surrounded by family and friends
c) New Years Eve
d) In the middle of your bedroom as you were getting ready to go out
e) At the top of the Empire State Building, NYC

Image from bridalguide.com
Image from bridalguide.com

Where would you get married?

a) Venice
b) Florence
c) New York
d) California
e) Santa Barbara

 What’s your ideal wedding theme?

a) Formal with a 1920’s vibe
b) White on white on white
c) Parisian chic
d) Lavish black & white fairytale
e) Rustic boho romantic


Who’s on your guest list?

a) The usual, Sean Penn and Matt Damon
b) Anna Wintour and Jaden Smith
c) Only a handful of family and friends
d) Anyone and everyone!
e) Your main girl Vanessa Hudgens

Which best describes your dream wedding gown?

a) Oscar De La Renta Floral Lace Gown
b) Givenchy Lace Ensemble with sheer panels around the middle and a sheer back
c) Carolina Herrera Two Piece tule and satin ensemble with a cute cardigan to match
d) Vera Wang Ivory Ball Gown
e) Monique L’Huillier White Ball Gown with lace cap

wedding gown

What shoes will you wear down the aisle?

a) Beaded silver pumps
b) White Pumps
c) Classic heels in cobalt blue
d) Closed-toe off-white satin with the crystal heel
e) Open-toe with straps in off-white

Shoes from The White Collection

Where will your reception be held?

a) In a lavish, historic hotel in Venice
b) In a ballroom within a beautiful mansion in Florence
c) A quiet gathering with friends and family in an apartment overlooking NYC
d) Inside a huge marquee draped in black and white decorations
e) Outside under a silk canopy with long rustic trestle tables

Where will you hold your wedding photos

a) Inside at our reception in a beautiful hotel
b) Outside beside a wall of beautiful white flowers
c) In a quiet park, tucked away in NYC
d) Forget photos, call in the documentary team!
e) Outside on a gravel footpath under the shade of trees


What will you first dance be to?

a) Stand by Me – Ben E. King
b) All of Me – John Legend
c) Jungle – Emma Louise
d) Angels – Robin Thicke
e) Everything –  Michael Buble

Describe your wedding cake.

a) 4 tiered with 1920’s art deco inspired decoration
b) 6 tiered with pure white icing
c) 2 tiered with rustic ombre frosting
d) 8 tiered with black and white icing
e) 3 tiered with floral decoration and red ribbon


If you got mostly As, you are Amal Clooney! Your wedding is just as sophisticated as you are, but your addition of the roaring 20’s makes your wedding a roaring success!

Image from gmanetwork.com
Image from gmanetwork.com

If you got mostly Bs you are the stylish Kimmy K post Kris Humphries! You love a traditional wedding, so much so everything is a shade of white despite your to-be-wed’s affiliation with black on black on black!

Image from eonline.com
Image from eonline.com

If you got mostly Cs you are the fashion goddess Olivia Palermo. Parisian chic is your style and don’t mind having a small, intimate gathering with your closest and most trustworthy!

Image from stylebarista.com
Image from stylebarista.com

If you got mostly Ds you are Princess Kimmy K pre-Kanye. She wanted a fairytale wedding and by gosh she got one! You want to look and feel like a princess on your wedding day and hey, it’s not called your big day for nothing!

kim pre
Image from eonline.com

If you got mostly Es Ashley Tisdale is your spirit celebrity bride. Rustic weddings with dashes of bohemian feels is your calling. Flower garlands and outdoor settings are just the beginning of your planning!

Image from memoryboxevents.ca

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