Nope, the answer is not sack her!

There are many options for the bride or bridesmaid who is allergic to flowers. Many people will be allergic to different flowers, but the general rule of thumb is to use unscented flowers. Glasshouse Roses, many Orchids, Ranunculus and Anemones, Tulips, Hydrangeas as well as many berries and succulents are all good options.

Susan Avery from Susan Avery Flowers and Events suggested that the best thing to do is simply do a trial run. “After you’ve thought about the type of flowers, keep the different types used to a minimum. Buy the flowers before the wedding and give them to your bridesmaid to test,” She said. Her other recommendation? An antihistamine on the day can work wonders!

But if you do decide to go flower free, here are our top 15 alternate options for bouquets!

  1. Fluffy white cotton
  2. Dried Rye
  3. Shells
  4. Pearls
  5. Silk Ribbons
  6. Paper
  7. Succulents
  8. Lanterns
  9. Fans
  10. Buttons
  11. Brooches
  12. Feather
  13. Ferns
  14. Silk or Aesthetic flowers
  15. Lavender

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