Wedding Trends We’ve Seen So Far in 2024

The world of weddings continues to evolve with exciting new trends that couples are eagerly embracing. From bridal squad inspirations to vintage vibes, let’s dive into what’s making waves in the world of weddings this year.

Learning Cultural Dances for Weddings

Couples are increasingly incorporating cultural dances into their weddings. Platforms like YouTube and Instagram offer tutorials on traditional dances from various cultures. Learning a dance like the flamboyant Indian Bollywood dance or the elegant Irish step dance adds a unique and personal touch to your special day.

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Wedding Trends We've Seen So Far in 2024
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Mob Wedding Vibes

The mob wedding theme, inspired by the glamour of the 1920s, is gaining popularity. Think classic black and white attire, jazz music, and vintage cars. This theme brings an air of mystery and romance, perfect for couples looking for a wedding with a dramatic flair.

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Florals on Wedding Dresses

Floral designs on wedding dresses are in vogue this year. Designers are adorning gowns with intricate floral patterns, both in embroidery and 3D appliques, making dresses look like walking gardens. These gowns are ideal for spring and summer weddings, adding a natural elegance to the bridal look.


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The Final Fitting

The final fitting is becoming a momentous event. Brides are turning this into a celebration, inviting their close friends and family to see their final gown fitting. This ritual adds excitement and builds up to the big day, making it a cherished memory.

Best Woman and Man of Honour

Weddings in 2024 are breaking traditional roles. It’s becoming common to see a ‘Best Woman’ in a groom’s party and a ‘Man of Honour’ in a bride’s party. This trend celebrates the importance of friendships beyond gender norms.

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The Vintage Trend

Vintage-themed weddings are making a comeback. Couples are opting for antique decorations, classic cars, and even vintage-style photography to capture the essence of a bygone era. This trend is perfect for those who love the charm and romance of the past.

Wedding Trends We've Seen So Far in 2024
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Speeches are becoming more interactive and creative. Instead of the traditional monologues, friends and family are opting for collaborative speeches, multimedia presentations, and even song performances to celebrate the couple.

Bridal Squad

The concept of the bridal squad is evolving. Brides are choosing more people to be part of their bridal squad. Mixed-gender bridal parties are also becoming more popular as a testament to inclusive and modern friendships.

Wedding Trends We've Seen So Far in 2024
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Older Couples

More and more, weddings are celebrating love at any age. Older couples are tying the knot, proving that love knows no age limit. These weddings often blend tradition with modernity, creating a uniquely mature and sophisticated atmosphere.

Wedding Trends We've Seen So Far in 2024
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Weddings in 2024 are all about personalization, inclusivity, and blending the old with the new. Whether it’s through social media inspiration, embracing cultural traditions, or incorporating advanced technology, couples are finding unique ways to make their special day truly their own.


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