The Best One-Stop Shops in Southeast Asia and India for Wedding Supplies

In case you’re still on the fence about finding consolidated wedding shops, we posit that finding a one-stop shop or liaison streamlines the wedding planning process, saving couples heaps of time and effort. Instead of individually sourcing vendors and scrutinizing bargains from scratch, couples can tap into a pre-existing network and not have to do everything themselves. This leaves them with more bandwidth to focus on other essential, more personal aspects of their upcoming marriage, or to simply enjoy their engagement period.

It also reduces stress: since managing multiple vendors can be a handful, finding a consolidated wedding supplier can trim down the process, giving couples peace of mind in knowing that all turning gears are being oiled by capable people who have experience with these ins and outs, and that these vendors have already been filtered.

And, of course, one can’t deny the benefits of package deals and discounts. One-stop wedding shops often offer these for bundled services, owing to their existing working relationships with tried-and-tested vendors. This aids the budgeting of the couple, even affording them more flexibility to customize their packages based on their needs.

Ahead, we zoom in on Southeast Asia and India for a rundown on the top one-stop shops for weddings in those respective territories. Read on!

The Best One-Stop Shops in Southeast Asia and India for Wedding Supplies:


When planning a wedding in Thailand, check out Luxury Events Phuket, a luxury wedding planning service with a catalogue of venues and a selection of supplies available for rent. They Rentables include seating, cutlery, chandeliers, and wedding structures, such as canopies and geometric installations to serve as ceremony backdrops. Equipped with access to premier hotel rates, the service also offers various wedding packages depending on a couple’s preferences, including budget weddings, private villa weddings, resort weddings, and others.

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The Philippines

True to its name, The Wedding Library is indeed the Philippines’ go-to hub for the whole inventory of miscellaneous wedding needs. They have everything across five supply categories: the wedding ceremony, bridal & entourage accessories, wedding reception needs, the bridal shower, and honeymoon. Their comprehensive stock list includes items such as wedding coins, sacred articles for the matrimonial sacrament, tools for bridal shower cocktail games, accessories for flower girls, and many, many more.

The Wedding Library is also the organizer behind the Philippines’ biggest bridal fair, held multiple days a year at convention centers.

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Indonesia’s Weddingku is a vibrant marketplace and directory for couples to get connected with the best vendors and wedding products. A strong feature of their online platform is a useful promo and deal tracker, which reflects ongoing bargain offers from their vendor directory, which includes quirky prenup photography packages, venue discounts, catering discounts, and more. Their site also includes articles and features for couples to glean inspiration and pegs.

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Malaysia is a Malaysian lifestyle portal that directs couples to a multitude of relevant vendors. Every base—bridal fashion, venues, engagement rings, catering and wedding cakes, live bands, stationary, party favors, car rentals, and more—is covered. In essence, couples who are looking for an instant way to piece together a wedding in Malaysia need not look any further.

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Just Weddingku and, Blissful Brides is an encyclopedic platform that also provides log-in access to verified vendors. This system has resulted in the most exhaustive vendor directory of any site on this list—you’ll find unique offerings like yacht rentals, emcees, wines, and others.

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India is another extensive resource into wedding planning in India. The platform features a registry of dozens of Indian cities, complete with links to wedding venues and vendors in each respective area. Counted among their vendor lists are providers of traditional Indian cultural customs, such as mehendi artists, pandits, and others. They have a network choreographers, too!

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