Wedded Wonderland and St Trinity Property Group Quarterly Event

The Wedded Wonderland and St Trinity Property Group Quarterly Event was a successful celebration of excellence and collaboration. Held at The William Inglis Hotel, the event featured inspiring presentations by Australia’s #1 Real Estate Coach Tom Panos and Award-Winning Global Event Planner Nadia Duran.

From the moment we arrived, we were captivated by the stunning location. The William Inglis Hotel is nestled in the heart of Warwick Farm and boasts a remarkable charm that sets it apart from other venues. The Garden Pavilion, where our event took place, was a picturesque setting that lent itself perfectly to our gathering. The lush greenery, elegant decor, and ample space created a truly enchanting atmosphere that our guests enjoyed.

The teams were welcomed with custom gift bags which equipped them with the tools to learn, be inspired, and enjoy the presentations ahead. Attendees gained valuable insights into the Wedding and Property markets, realizing the shared customer base. Nicholas and Wendy El-Khoury, directors of both brands, shared their history and future plans, fostering unity among the teams.

Staff excellence was recognized through esteemed awards, highlighting the company’s values and talented team members. Engaging sessions and discussions provided hands-on learning experiences. The event concluded with a renewed sense of purpose and excitement for the future, emphasizing the importance of collective efforts and innovation.

Following the event both teams came together and discussed key takeaways whilst enjoying some light refreshments and antipasto. 

Our experience with St Trinity Property Group and Wedded Wonderland was made all the more special thanks to Nadia Duran, Tom Panos, and the remarkable team at William Inglis Hotel.

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