Wedded Wonderland hosts a charity breakfast for orphans in Lebanon

The ‘Sebheye’ fundraising event, a heartwarming collaboration between Sydney to Lebanon Aid Appeal and the passionate efforts of Wendy El-Khoury, brought together a compassionate community for a morning of impact and solidarity. This event was not only an opportunity to raise funds for the St Antoine Orphanage in Kfarfou, Lebanon, but also a chance to connect with the orphaned children on a personal level.

Photography by Encore Collec
Photography by Encore Collective

With an overwhelming turnout of 110 attendees, the event not only met but surpassed its fundraising goals, raising a remarkable $25,020. These funds are destined to provide much-needed necessities for the 110 young orphans aged 4 to 16 at St Antoine Orphanage. The event not only showcased the power of unity but also the deep care and concern for those in need. 

Photography by Encore Collective

Wendy El-Khoury expressed why this partnership works, and why it matters most, “The reason why I was so drawn to Sydney to Lebanon Aid Appeal is because there are no admin fees, there are no overheads, I get photos and videos and receipts right away showing exactly where every single dollar is being spent and it’s going directly to the hands of the people who need it most”. 

The morning was illuminated by the insightful presentations of George Boutros, the founder of the charity, and Wendy El-Khoury. George Boutros explained, “The orphanage itself takes all children, doesn’t matter what religion,  race, who you are, children are children and it struck me there and then that that is where we are going to aim today”.

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Photography by Encore Collective

“What the orphanage gives is dignity, a bed to sleep in , breakfast to have, a school for some education and after speaking to Wendy we thought it is our duty to drive change in this orphanage to give them more dignity”.

Their words resonated deeply, emphasizing the importance of supporting Lebanon’s future generation in the face of dire economic challenges. The heartfelt speeches struck a chord with the attendees, highlighting the significance of standing together to make a meaningful difference.

Photography by Encore Collective

Integral to the event was the personal touch each guest could impart to the orphaned children. Every attendee was given the opportunity to send a postcard to the children of St Antoine Orphanage, accompanied by a heartfelt and personalized note. This gesture not only bridged the physical distance but also connected hearts across continents, assuring the children that they are cherished and remembered.

Photography by Encore Collective

“We are just a vehicle directing the traffic and you guys are the horsepower , without you, we can’t do any of this, this is just an idea” George Boutros expressed, and true to these words, an incredible team came together to create ‘Sebheye’.

Attendees who made donations at the event were given a ticket number and presented with a meticulously assembled goody bag that corresponded to this number. Each goody bag was brimming with fantastic donated items and vouchers from a diverse range of supportive businesses, ensuring that each recipient departed with a distinct and special gift to cherish.

Photography by Encore Collective

The event’s décor styled by Mary Ronis Events in collaboration with Natalie By Design, Dots Flower Shoppe, Take Me Hire and Loved by Lucy. The style was a reflection of the Lebanese heritage, adorned with olive branches, bread towers, and an array of aromatic Lebanese herbs and spices. This thoughtful styling not only set the atmosphere but also served as a representation of unity and hope. Following the event’s conclusion, these carefully chosen elements were gifted to the attendees, a token of appreciation for their participation and support.

Photography by Encore Collective

The event’s success would not have been possible without the generous support of event partners and sponsors. The following sponsors played a pivotal role in making ‘Sebheye’ a reality:

Event Sponsors: 


Gifting Sponsors:


The ‘Sebheye’ fundraising event left an indelible mark, uniting a compassionate community in support of the St Antoine Orphanage Kfarfou in Lebanon. Attendees departed with a sense of accomplishment, knowing that their contributions will lead to brighter futures for the orphaned children. The event’s themes of unity, connection, and solidarity will continue to resonate, reminding us all that small gestures can lead to significant change.

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