Racing to the Aisle: Wedded Wonderland Hosts Wedding Professionals for a Luxury Experience at the William Inglis Hotel 

On August 28th, Wedded Wonderland had the privilege of gathering thirty sought-after wedding planners, florists, and stylists from all over Australia for a night of inspiration and luxury at The William Inglis in Sydney. 

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A featured venue in the Get Wedded in Australia 2023-2024 digital magazine, The William Inglis is an iconic 5-star hotel where a wedding party can enjoy world-class luxury with a hint of rural charm. 

Perfect for couples with a passion for equestrian culture, this M Gallery by Sofitel hotel celebrates racing history, and is just a skip away from the Riverside stables gardens. 

As one of the world’s leading platforms for wedding business-matching, Wedded Wonderland hosts special fellowship events for wedding planners and coordinators to give them first-hand experience of the best suppliers and venues in the network. 

In attendance were the likes of luxury event planners Diane Khoury, Nadia Duran, and Jimket Events

Upon arrival, guests received welcome drinks in the lobby and were greeted by Wedded Wonderland’s CEO and Founder Wendy El-Khoury and members of the William Inglis team. Each guest then checked into their rooms, where they were treated with a meticulously hand-curated gift bag filled with treasures from our gifting partners: Beauty Boosters, Collective Hub, Contour Clinics, Ice Glow, In the Roundhouse, ManGlow, and The Wishing Well App

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Once settled in, they toured the grounds, and basked in the open air of the rooftop pool with a panoramic view of the Warwick farm racecourse. A highlight was ‘The Arena’, an indoor events space that seats a whopping 700 guests. 

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Photo by @socialsbyjoshjoseph

At the conclusion of the tour, guests were treated to a surprise cocktail making class in the ‘1867 Lounge’. In-house cocktail connoisseur Santos led the class, joined by guest-hosted by Rachael Bentick from Inlighten Photography, where they taught attendees how to create the William Inglis’ Signature Cocktail, ‘The Balmaretto Flame.’ The artful cocktail contains a mix of amaretto, lavender liqueur, bulleit rye, lime, and passionfruit. For a touch of romance, the cocktails were garnished with homegrown herbs from the hotel ‘Rose Garden’. 

Next, it was time for the highly-anticipated ‘Racing to the Aisle’ dinner. Hosted by Wendy El-Khoury, the culminating gathering showcased the romantic charm of the venue, and gave guests an opportunity to network over a sumptuous meal prepared by the hotel. 

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Photo by Inlighten Photography @inlightenphotography
Photo by Inlighten Photography @inlightenphotography
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Photo by Inlighten Photography @inlightenphotography
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Photo by Inlighten Photography @inlightenphotography

The dinner venue was ‘The Big Barn’, a spacious, high-ceiling venue inspired by a racing stable. Needless to say, the setup was a minimalist dream: the candlelit table was aglow beneath an opulent chandelier, and each plate was adorned with a personalized name card. 

The luxe table setting was styled with crockery, glassware and linens by Take Me Hire, while the ambient candles were supplied by Mary Ronis Events, and the custom place cards by Memoire Collective. For entertainment, Violin by Mel serenaded the guests with romantic melodies. 

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Photo by Inlighten Photography @inlightenphotography
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Photo by Inlighten Photography @inlightenphotography
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Photo by Inlighten Photography @inlightenphotography

And, of course, there were innovative props and photo booths for the party to enjoy! 

The first was the Interactive Selfie Mirror by Mirror Me Booth Hire, which takes the trendy mirror selfie to the next level. To take a selfie, all guests had to do was tap the mirror, which housed a built-in camera. Then, voilà—the printed photo would come out in an instant! 

Next, we had the Telephone Booth Audio Guestbook from Take My Picture Events. A modern-day equivalent to the traditional guest book, this clever invention allows guests to record voice messages with a rotary dial-style telephone. Plus, the prop doubles as an adorable photo spot! 

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Photo by Inlighten Photography @inlightenphotography
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Photo by Inlighten Photography @inlightenphotography
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Photo by Inlighten Photography @inlightenphotography

In true Wedded Wonderland fashion, all guests dressed to impress in their best outfits. Bold colors, voluminous dresses, sharp suits, and fascinators were all present, referencing the famed maximalist elegance of race day attendees. Just like weddings, race day fashion is serious business—and the cozy dinner space was indeed transformed into a fabulous mini-runway! 

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Photo by Inlighten Photography @inlightenphotography
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Photo by Inlighten Photography @inlightenphotography

The dinner was followed by an afterparty at the 1867 Lounge Bar, a cozy space inspired by Australia’s rich racing history. 

The next morning, guests awoke refreshed after spending the night in the classy suites of the William Inglis and gathered for a charming buffet breakfast at ‘The Newmarket Room’ restaurant.  Sharing a meal and coffees before partying ways, guests reflected on their favorite famil moments and discussed future event opportunities within the venue.

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Photo by Inlighten Photography @inlightenphotography
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Photo by Inlighten Photography @inlightenphotography

All in all, it was a gala to remember! Perfected with its charming architecture, versatile event spaces, and world-class hospitality, the William Inglis cements its place as one of Australia’s finest wedding venues for the contemporary couple. 

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