Being a Bride is hard work. Not only are you planning a Wedding, but you’re also prepping for the biggest day of your life. Emotionally, you’ll start ensuring you’ve got a firm foundation with your Groom-to-Be to build the rest of your life together, but physically, you might start upping your gym routine, booking some extra facials and watching your diet.

We all know the Wedding is about love – but it doesn’t stop us from wanting to look like our own version of a supermodel!

So, when we heard about CRYOMED, one of the most cutting edge suppliers of non-invasive treatments, we had to give it a try. They can give you all of the results you’d normally only get with surgeries like liposuction and injectibles without the pain, down-time or risk. The best bit? You can pop in on your lunchbreak and be done with it!

The Fat Freezer

If you’ve got stubborn fat that just won’t budge (arms, thighs or tummy), the CLATUU is a miracle machine! It can give the same result as liposuction, but without any of the needles, pain or surgery.

The machine looks like an oval-shaped vacuum that sits on your ‘problem area’ for an hour and blasts your skin with cold air. It uses this air to permanently freeze up to 35% of the fat in that area. Yep, permanently and all within the time it would takes to blow-dry your hair or get your nails done!


Face Contouring (without makeup)

Called the Ultraformer, this machine uses ultrasound energy to tighten and contour the face, neck and body and the results are immediate! It takes under an hour, is completely pain-free (in fact, it’s relaxing, like a facial) and will improve skin tone and texture, define your cheekbones, lift your brows and tighten any of the fine lines you have. The results will start to show immediately, but you’ll see the full extent of the treatment three months after your appointment. The best bit is that you may only need one treatment!

1To find out how you can book your own treatment, visit the CLATUU or Ultraformer websites.


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