Unveiling Excellence: The Dubai Wedding Symposium

Embarking on a transcendent journey, our CEO Wendy El-Khoury had the pleasure of attending the illustrious 2024 Dubai Wedding Symposium! The first of its kind, it was an honor to be invited by our partners at Dubai Department of Economy & Tourism and celebrate the city as a destination wedding location for couples around the globe. 

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Brought to life by one of the UAE’S most renowned event planners Arun Bablani, Director of Weddings By Vivaah, the symposium served as a powerful platform to showcase Dubai and unfolded with a mesmerizing array of experiences, including desert dinner escapes, exotic venue tours, conference discussions, and opulent galas, creating nothing short of ‘The Dubai Experience.’

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The Lana Residences, part of the Dorchester Collection, played host to us in their new iconic addition to Dubai’s stunning skyline, offering luxurious accommodations for guests. A venue that truly illuminates grace and grandeur, it was a vision of sophisticated design, heartfelt hospitality and a true Dubai Delight.

After refreshing from our travels, we were picked up and embracing Emirati elegance headed to an enchanting desert dinner at the exquisite Nara Desert Escape. Immersed in the rich tapestry of Arabic culture, we adorned ourselves with henna, calligraphy, danced to the tabla beats, and experienced the allure of an enchanting oud perfume station where we created signature scents.

Entertainment aside, we were warmly welcomed by Patti Chong from Dubai Department of Economy & Tourism and Arun Bablani setting the tone for the splendid days ahead.


Conference day at the Taj Exotica Dubai brought together some of the world’s most influential wedding planners, keynote speakers, and industry stakeholders. Wedded Wonderland’s Founder, Wendy El-Khoury, graced the event as a guest speaker, delivering an enlightening talk and sharing her wealth of industry expertise in a fireside chat about ‘Socials, Socials, Socials!’ alongside the Founder of My Greatest Wedding, Hella Huizinga. 

Highlighting the vitality of digital media in the destination wedding market, Wendy imparted crucial knowledge on optimizing online presence through effective brand messaging, content creation, SEO strategies, and aligning social media channels with the target audience.

A day brimming with wisdom, the distinguished speakers at the 2024 Dubai Wedding Symposium included:

With conference day coming to an end, the night beckoned to the stunning Banyan Tree Resort on Bluewaters Island for a dance-filled celebration. With attendees gathering from every corner of the world, the dance floor transformed into a vibrant display of diverse cultures from left to right and center stage. We danced the night away, eagerly anticipating the adventures that awaited us next.


The concluding day of our experience began with a superyacht sea excursion, a voyage that not only provided breathtaking views but also hinted at the possibility of hosting a wedding on the shimmering waters of Dubai. We landed on the shores of The Heart of Europe, an opulent beachfront property that exudes European elegance with its luxurious amenities and picturesque setting. 

Our journey guided us through a collection of enchanting venues, each possessing its own unique charm. From the captivating allure of Portofino to the refined elegance of Sweden Place, the regal ambiance of Germany Villa, the opulent setting of Marbella Resort Hotel, and the picturesque beauty of Côte d’Azur resort, each venue unfolded as a breathtaking spectacle. 

The diversity in styles and atmospheres was evident, making it clear why these locations stood out as remarkable choices for hosting special events.These visits not only allowed us to witness the beauty and grandeur of each venue but also offered valuable insights into the potential they hold for creating memorable and personalized wedding experiences. The variety of options catered to diverse preferences, ensuring that each couple could find the perfect setting to realize their dream celebration.

As the grand finale drew near, an extravagant gala unfolded at the beautiful Armani Hotel. Events and Operation Director of Emaar, Emma Pope graced us with her address, marking the pinnacle of industry celebrations and the night soon transformed into a mesmerizing experience as we danced away, capturing the essence of a truly unforgettable celebration.

Three days filled with Dubai Magic, we left feeling honored to have been a part of the 2024 Dubai Wedding Symposium. Another amazing trip to the UAE, we want you to uncover Dubai’s Allure!

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