There’s a new engagement ring trend sweeping our shores that is bigger and bolder than any Kardashian derriere; brides around Australia are turning their nose up at the traditional princess cuts and combinations of platinum and diamond, in favour of unique designs that are as individual as their personalised Tiffany tennis bracelet.

Playing with texture and colour, these rings are for the bride who has a passion for art and isn’t afraid to stand-out from the crowd (because mass produced is so bourgeois dahling!). Whether the inspiration is taken from The Hobbit (yes, this is a ‘thing’), your favourite painting, a holiday destination or the new haute couture collection from Chanel (always a fave), this fashion is all about thinking outside the box.

So before you start sending your beau magazine cut-outs or links to Pinterest boards (let’s be honest, there’s no such thing as subtlety when it comes to men), get enchanted with some of these unique and show-stopping engagement ring designs.

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