Unbelievable Wedding Dresses Made of…Toilet Paper

That’s right Fairies these incredibly detailed wedding dresses are made up entirely of toilet paper!

We know, like you our memories of toilet paper dresses are those haphazardly put together at a bridal shower for a laugh. But these creations take toilet paper to the next level and the competition is fierce.

Ripley’s Believe it or Not! Museum in New York in collaboration with Cheap Chic Weddings (and Quilted Northern toilet paper), annual toilet paper dress competition is just that a fierce competition of the most fantastically designed toilet paper dresses. Some with cathedral length trains, a dramatic cape, laser cut lace detailing, and hundreds of tassels.

The winning dress, designed and created by Kari Curletoo, featured 1500 painstakingly hand-cut butterflies which earned her the grand prize of $US10,000. Her winning creation took three months to produce and included a six-foot train.

All entries will be exhibited in the Ripley’s museum and this year the proceeds will be donated to brides affected by the bankruptcy of wedding dress designer Alfred Angelo.

Take a look Fairies – bridal shower competition just got serious!


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