Top Tips To Get The Most Natural Wedding Photos

Your wedding photos are one of the most important elements of your entire day. It’s those special memories that you’ll look back on and cherish for a lifetime.

Your photos will capture those irreplaceable moments so you can relive and let the pictures retell the magical story of your wedding day.

One of the best photographers in the industry George John Photography has shared his top tips on how to get the most natural wedding photos for you to keep in mind.

Get To Know Your Photographer

It’s important to get that vibe and connection with your photographer as this will allow you to feel comfortable and to gain that trust. The more relaxed you are with your partner around your photographer, the easier it is to capture your best moments.

“It is also important to me, as a photographer to have a great relationship with my bride and groom. Their mood and our relationship will reflect in the images taken on their wedding day. Building a relationship and level of comfort with my Bride and Groom also steams from their pre-wedding photoshoot, this is a perfect opportunity for me to get to know them on a day other then their wedding day.”

Take note Fairies!

Make Every Moment Count

Your wedding day is that one special day in your life so it’s all about making each and every moment count. The day will fly before your eyes so just enjoy every second. Sometimes the most beautiful wedding shots are captured being in the moment and highlighting the pure emotion!

“Achieving natural wedding photos is a combination of many things, one of the most important attributes is the use of light. I personally try to utilise natural light as much as possible on a Wedding day.”

Just Relax & Let The Photographer Work Their Magic

“From the first meeting up until the day of the wedding I try to ensure that my Bride & Groom are as happy, relaxed and excited” explains George John.

The key to natural looking wedding photos is to not overthink everything. Just focus on the moment and being in the present. Practice good posture, stand tall which will ensure that you look confident. In saying that, don’t try to force anything that doesn’t feel natural. Just be yourself!

The Heart Of The Image

The most natural and beautiful thing about your wedding photos will be your smile! If you feel stressed, this will be captured in your photos. Just smile and if your cheeks hurt, it’s a good sign!

“Another way I achieve natural looking Wedding Photos is minimising the use of artificial light, smoke, over-editing and over-posing. I like to work with each Bride and Grooms own personal style and personality and then allow that to shine through their wedding photos.”

There you have it Fairies, expert tips and advice from George John Photography who you can see at Wedded World on July 2nd.

Happy Planning!

Written By: Alessandra Fasanella

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