Top Honeymoon Destinations in Spain for Newlyweds

Embark on a journey of love and discovery as one explores the enchanting honeymoon destinations nestled within the vibrant tapestry of Spain. In a land where passion meets picturesque landscapes, couples are welcomed to indulge in the perfect blend of romance and adventure. 

Whether you’re savoring paella under the Mediterranean stars or dancing the night away in a flamenco-filled fiesta, Spain promises a honeymoon that is as diverse and exhilarating as the country itself. So, pack your bags, grab your partner’s hand, and get ready for a Spanish escapade that will be etched in your hearts forever. ¡Vamos!


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Basking in the Mediterranean splendor, a honeymoon in Mallorca promises an idyllic blend of azure seas, sun-drenched landscapes, and timeless romance. For a regal retreat, couples can immerse themselves in the luxurious embrace of Castillo Hotel Son Vida, where panoramic views of Palma Bay set the stage for an enchanting stay. Alternatively, in the picturesque village of Deià, Belmond La Residencia offers an intimate oasis nestled within olive groves and citrus orchards, providing a haven of serenity and sophistication for those seeking an unforgettable romantic escape.

San Sebastián

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Embarking on a honeymoon in San Sebastián unveils a tapestry of culinary delights, breathtaking beaches, and a romantic ambiance that sweeps couples off their feet. For an opulent retreat, the iconic Hotel Maria Cristina sets the stage with its Belle Époque elegance and stunning views of La Concha Bay. Alternatively, the intimate charm of the Villa Soro, nestled in a quiet residential area, offers a perfect blend of historic grandeur and modern luxury, providing an idyllic haven for couples seeking a romantic escape in this coastal gem.


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Embarking on a honeymoon in Granada immerses couples in the rich tapestry of Moorish history, stunning architecture, and the passionate rhythms of flamenco. For an enchanting stay, the iconic Alhambra Palace Hotel perches atop a hill, offering breathtaking views of the Alhambra fortress and the Sierra Nevada mountains, providing a regal setting for a romantic getaway. Alternatively, the Parador de Granada, housed in a former monastery within the Alhambra grounds, combines historic charm with modern comforts, offering couples a unique and unforgettable experience in the heart of this captivating city.


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Embarking on a honeymoon in Barcelona promises a captivating blend of vibrant city life, architectural wonders, and the sultry embrace of Catalan culture. For a lavish escape, the W Barcelona, perched on the iconic Barceloneta beachfront, offers sleek modernity with panoramic views of the Mediterranean, creating a luxurious haven for couples. Alternatively, the enchanting Hotel Duquesa de Cardona, nestled in the historic Gothic Quarter, seamlessly merges medieval charm with contemporary elegance, providing an intimate and romantic retreat for those seeking the heart and soul of Barcelona.

Sierra Nevada Mountains

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A honeymoon amidst the majestic Sierra Nevada Mountains promises a secluded and breathtaking escape into nature’s embrace, where crisp mountain air and snow-capped peaks create the perfect backdrop for romance. Additionally, the El Lodge Ski & Spa, situated at the foot of the slopes, provides a luxurious alpine retreat, complete with a spa and gourmet dining, ensuring a truly unforgettable mountain getaway for newlyweds.


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Madrid, the heart of Spain, offers a cosmopolitan honeymoon experience blending rich history, lively arts, and an effervescent nightlife. In Madrid, the Principal Madrid Hotel stands as a beacon of elegance on the Gran Vía, offering rooftop views that sweep across the cityscape, perfect for romantic evenings. Another gem is the Hotel Ritz Madrid, an embodiment of luxury and history, providing a palatial experience with its classic décor and exquisite dining options. Couples can lose themselves in the art-filled halls of the Prado Museum, stroll hand-in-hand through the lush Retiro Park, or indulge in Madrid’s legendary tapas and wine bars.

Las Palmas

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Las Palmas, in the Canary Islands, is a unique blend of Spanish culture with an exotic island vibe. Honeymooners can revel in the luxury of Santa Catalina, a Royal Hideaway Hotel, known for its colonial grandeur and lush gardens. Alternatively, the AC Hotel Gran Canaria offers a modern retreat with sweeping ocean views. Las Palmas enchants with its golden beaches, such as the famous Las Canteras, and its vibrant street life, from the historic Vegueta district to the bustling Mercado de Vegueta, where couples can savor local flavors.


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Marbella, nestled on the Costa del Sol, is synonymous with luxury and glamour. The Marbella Club Hotel, an oasis of Mediterranean elegance, offers exclusive beachfront access and lush gardens. For a more secluded retreat, the Puente Romano Beach Resort marries Andalusian charm with modern luxury, perfect for a romantic escape. Marbella’s allure extends to its charming Old Town, opulent yachts at Puerto Banús, and the sun-kissed beaches that line the coast, making it a perfect blend of relaxation and sophistication.


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Formentera, the smallest of the Balearic Islands, is a hidden gem offering an idyllic honeymoon escape. With its crystal-clear waters and unspoiled beaches, such as the famous Playa de Ses Illetes, it’s a paradise for couples seeking tranquility. The Gecko Hotel & Beach Club provides a chic and intimate setting, with direct beach access and a serene atmosphere. For a more rustic experience, Can Aisha – Adults Only offers a charming retreat amidst the natural beauty of the island, perfect for those who wish to connect with nature and each other.


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Seville, the Andalusian jewel, captivates honeymooners with its vibrant culture, flamenco rhythms, and stunning architecture. The Hotel Alfonso XIII, a landmark of historic grandeur, offers an unrivaled luxurious stay in the heart of the city. Alternatively, the Corral del Rey, located in the picturesque old quarter, provides an intimate boutique experience, blending ancient charm with modern luxury. Couples can explore the enchanting Alcázar, lose themselves in the winding streets of the Santa Cruz district, or enjoy an unforgettable flamenco show, immersing themselves in the soul of Seville.

Each of these destinations in Spain offers a unique and unforgettable experience, ensuring that honeymooners will find their perfect romantic escape filled with love, adventure, and memories to last a lifetime.


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