The Top 10 Accounts To Follow On TikTok In Australia

TikTok has taken the world by storm in recent years, and to say the least, the wedding industry has latched on to that whirlwind… And we’ve got the perfect accounts to follow on TikTok.

From wedding dress boutiques to photographers and florists, #weddingtok has been thriving and inspiring thousands of people on the daily with unique and entertaining content.

Here are the top 10 accounts to follow on TikTok in Australia for all your wedding-related content.

1. Wedded Wonderland

First and foremost, you NEED to follow Wedded Wonderland on TikTok… Just imagine, all the content you crave and love on another platform, that’s all you need right? In all seriousness, we post bespoke content that we know you will love and appreciate. From real wedding coverage to trending sounds and filters, the content is relatable, relevant, and… All things Wedded!

2. Blanche Bridal

You may know Blanche bridal on TikTok as the girls who showcase wedding dresses, using the most trending sounds and coolest transitions. This is one of the accounts to follow on TikTok because they’re simply so good! Their videos make you want to go wedding dress shopping just for fun… And oh boy would we love that! They’re also a great help for brides to be who have no clue what kind of dress they want and how to accessorise. Blanche Bridal will have you finding your dress before your husband!

3. Pia and Jade

Pia and Jade are a must-follow on TikTok for all your wedding styling and floral inspiration. From showing off their stunning styling to behind-the-scenes shots of the girls preparing florals, Pia and Jade take you on a journey through their creative process and you NEED to see it.

4. Sent Studio

More accounts to follow on TikTok include Sent Studio. The girls at Sent Studio specialise in keepsake soy candles and customised, one-of-a-kind scents for everyone. Their TikToks are not only extremely informative on the technicalities of candles, but they also share customer experiences, storytimes and the overall experience of process of customised scents. They are just too good to not follow!

5. Calligraphy en Vogue

Calligraphy en Vogue is another one of those accounts to follow just because their content is so pleasing. This business specialises in calligraphy, engraving and creating modern heirlooms. Much like the aforementioned accounts to follow on TikTok, Calligraphy en Vogue styles her videos with close shots of her engraving and often uses voiceovers to explain her process or tell the story of an outraging customer request. Her work is so aesthetically pleasing to watch and it really is relaxing watching her pen move.

6. SHE Designs

SHE Designs is another wedding stylist and florist that shares their work on TikTok. Taking a more cinematic approach, SHE Designs creates more inspiration pieces with room reveals, mainly showcasing their final product and the aesthetics of the wedding. They also show behind the scenes occasionally and we just love all of their work!

7. Merve Togan

Some of our favourite TikTok accounts to follow are wedding photographers. You may have heard of Merve Togan, or seen her wedding featured on the site… And you know her photography is just breathtaking. Her TikTok is no exception, sharing her work, both photography and videography and it always leaves us wanting more!

8. George John Photography

Again another wedding photography account to follow on Tiktok is George John Photography. His posts are more video centric, capturing core moments in events, like a bride getting ready, the first look, reception styling etc. He just captures love… And we love it!

9. Pallas Couture

Australian wedding dress designer Pallas Couture has also attract some attention with their shorts not just exhibiting their designs, but sharing precious moments like a bride revealing her dress to her bridesmaids, brides walking down the stairs and the fine details in their work.

10. Ash Kollective

For the sneaker head couple, Ash Kollective specialises in customising sneakers. Her TikToks have gone viral during the past years lockdown and her business has skyrocketed. She shares videos of her painting, bejewelling and transforming plain sneakers into personal keepsakes. Ash Kollective also does bridal shoes upon client request. Her videos are so entertaining to watch and is definitely one of the accounts to follow on TikTok.

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