Eric Weiss’ fiancé died tragically before she made it to the altar, but that didn’t mean the couple didn’t get the chance to dance to their ‘first dance song’.

See, Eric and his fiancé agreed very early in the relationship that their first dance would be to Someone to Watch Over Me and every single time they went ot another friend or family member’s wedding, he’d always sneak away and request that the band or the DJ play this song.

Each time the song would come on, his fiancé would look at him knowing that it was him who made the request. She would take his hand, lead him to the dance floor and the two would slow-dance together.

While the music played, Eric would let her know how beautiful she looked and how much he loved her.

For Eric and his fiancé, each of these weddings were dance rehearsals for their own wedding and he readily admits that he was hijacking other people’s wedding day… BUT… this is how he was going to make it up to them.

When Eric had his own wedding reception, he was going to announce that his first song had been played at all of their weddings and to return the favour, the entire night would be dedicated to each of their first dance songs – he expected every couple to make their way onto the dance floor for an encore performance, because, in his words “being married is no excuse to stop dancing.”

Such a beautiful idea! Read more here

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