In order to increase your chances of getting your dream job one recruiter, Bruce Hurwitz wrote an essay advising women that they should take off their Engagement rings.

It’s not surprising that his blog, which he published on LinkedIn caused some huge backlash (hello, is this 1972?), but here are some of the reasons why Brucey believes your bling could get in the way of your career.

Giant Ring = Giant Salary

Bruce says that if you’re wearing a huge 3-carat diamond ring, you’ll lead your prospective employer to presume that you’re wealthy and therefore you’re expecting a higher salary than what the employer can afford. This would <sort of> make sense if Bruce agreed it would be the same for a guy wearing an expensive Rolex to an interview, but Bruce states that there’s no ‘moral equivalncy’!

You’re Probably High Maintenance

Bruce also explains that women who wear large Engagement rings are doing themselves a disservice because, “when a man sees that ring, he immediately assumes you are high maintenance.” According to Bruce, it’s not only men who judge, but women too, “When the woman at the office who has the largest diamond on her finger sees that ring, she will realize that if you are hired she will fall to second place and will, therefore, not like you.” (seriously, we’d be doubled over in laughter if we weren’t in shock!).

You’re Wearing the Cheapest Ring You’d Say ‘Yes’ to

This one’s a real doozy. According the Bruce, the ring you’ve got on your finger is the cheapest possible ring your soulmate could buy that he’d know you’d say ‘Yes’ to. “When a man gives a woman an engagement ring, he buys the least expensive ring that he believes it will take to get her to agree to the proposal.” Not only is this incredibly offensive to the husbands who work hard to give their wife their dream Engagement ring, but it’s also suggesting that Married women are so shallow that all they care about is the size of their ring (not the size of their soulmate’s heart).

If you’d like to read the full offensive blog post by Bruce, click here.1

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