This Priest Accidentally Married The Best Man And Maid Of Honour Instead Of The Bride And Groom!

A woman has taken to Reddit to share the story of how her brother – who was the best man at a recent wedding – ended up married to the bride’s maid of honour after the priest made a mistake during the registration of the wedding!


Most online users found the post hilarious, however some of them also questioned whether the story was genuine. Many pointed out that in the UK, it is a standard practice to sign the register inside the church, with most couples having two witnesses. So, according to one of the users, if this was the case, it is likely that the marriage could be annulled quite easily.


Other online users supported the story, by saying that “nobody reads what they sign at the ceremony”. Another user’s input stated: “It’s awkward to go up to the front of the ceremony and look at a document that you’ve never seen before to ensure that you’re signing something valid.”.

Another user pointed out his/her own personal experience: “I had no issues ensuring that where I was signing merely said ‘witness’ on it without taking an awkwardly long time. Not sure how these people failed that.”

The source has not confirmed whether the story was genuine or not, however it does seem that the marriage could easily be annulled. Whatever the case may be, it sure is a funny story!

Written by: Zoe Kanlis

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