This police chase turned into a Marriage proposal

Talk about a surprise proposal!

A Bride-to-be got quite the scare when her boyfriend led police on a car chase  before surprising her by getting down on one knee and popping the question. Florida police helped Jason DePalma put together a rather scary and emotional proposal to Sarah Moody, incorporating their mutual passion for cars in the proposal.

In the unique plan captured by a video in the couple’s car, he ran a stop sign (which certainly wasn’t part of the plan, as public safety always comes first – however he did so due to nerves!) before being pursued by two police cars.


Upon pulling over into a parking lot, the police officers asked Moody, the passenger of the car, to step out of the vehicle.

“I was in total shock,” Moody, told Yahoo News. “I couldn’t imagine why we’d have to get out of the car for what felt like a routine traffic stop and when they asked me to move to the back of the vehicle, a million things were running through my mind. None of which were, this is a proposal.

“I honestly had no idea what was happening until he was literally down on one knee and even then, I think I was still a little confused.”

police chase proposal

Despite her initial shock, she “Yes!”

police chase proposal
The ring!

                                                                    Image via Yahoo News

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