This Is The Most Common Birthday

Have you ever noticed a time of year where it seems like everyone is celebrating their birthday?

If you had a feeling it was September, you’d be correct. The Australia Bureau of Statistics released their findings on the most common birthday for babies born in Australia and the winner is…

September 17!

If you were looking a little further into things, then you would have gathered that this date means most babies are conceived around the festive season – could it be the mistletoe hanging in the halls?

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The data, which analysed births between 2007 and 2016, also showed that September has three of the five most common birthdays, December has the least, and the least common birthday is Christmas Day (disregarding February 29 due to the leap year).

ABS Director of Demography, Beidar Cho, says that the trends are similar to other countries, including New Zealand, England, Wales, and the United States.

“Fewer babies are born on public holidays – possibly a result of doctors scheduling deliveries on non-public holidays.”

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