Planning a Wedding is a full-time job – that’s why there are so many Wedding planners! But, regardless of whether you opt for a Wedding planner, or you’re more of a DIY kinda girl, there are some days you NEED to take off work to prepare.

To avoid any last-minute stress when you have to beg your boss for an emergency shopping day, we’ve put together a basic list of exactly what days you should plan to get annual leave from work.

1st Day – The Dress Shopping Day

Weekend appointments at the best Bridal Boutiques are hard to get, so it makes sense to do a mid-week trip. Not only will you get in quicker, but it will be quieter and you won’t feel pressured or rushed. Make it a girl’s day out and make reservations at your favourite restaurant.

2nd Day – The Celebrant Visit

Visiting the celebrant or the priest can be an emotional day; it’s when things start to feel real! You’ll be talking about your relationship, as well as prepping the forms for the marriage license, so we recommend taking the entire day off to spend with you Groom-to-be.

3rd Day – The Bachelorette Soiree

Ideally, we’d suggest having a day before and a day after the Bachelorette Party off from work. The ‘before day’ can be used for a spray tan, eyebrow wax, last-minute shopping and the ‘after day’ is when you can nurse a serious food and/or alcohol hangover.

4th Day – The Day Before the Bigger Day

The day before the Wedding is a must-take, but don’t feel like you need to take the entire week off. Work will serve as a distraction in the week leading up to the Wedding and will help keep you grounded; however, taking one day off before the Wedding will mean you can do any last-minute pick-ups, coordinate suppliers and <hopefully> fit in an afternoon of pampering.

5th Day – The Day After

Take a day post-Wedding to let you and your new Husband get used to married life, open gifts, prep thank-you cards and wrap everything up.

6th Day – A Sanity Day

Have a spare day up your sleeve throughout the Wedding planning process, just in case you need a mental health day!

7th Day – The Honeymoon

Whether you’ve planned for a week-long honeymoon or a month-long vacay, make sure you book in your leave as early as possible!

Main image from Michelle and Reinaldi’s wedding. Photography by Axioo.

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