These Are the Most Opulent Wedding Veils of All Time

The cost of wedding veils can vary greatly, and while some brides opt for relatively simple and affordable options, others choose to invest in luxurious and highly customized veils that makes a statement!

Check out some of the most opulent and pricey veils that have made headlines and may inspire your own custom veil…

The Royal Wedding Veil (2011)

Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge, wore a custom-made wedding veil for her marriage to Prince William. Created by designer Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen, this veil featured hand-embroidered lace and was rumoured to have cost over $400,000.

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Image via CNN

The Kim Kardashian Veil (2014)

Kim Kardashian wore a custom Givenchy gown designed by Riccardo Tisci for her wedding to Kanye West. The veil was made of delicate, hand-embroidered lace and reportedly cost around $500,000.

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Image via Vogue

The Grace Kelly Veil (1956)

Grace Kelly’s wedding to Prince Rainier of Monaco featured a timeless and iconic wedding dress and veil. The lace veil, which was anchored by a Juliet cap, was made of 125-year-old Brussels rose point lace and was valued at the time at around $4,000 (equivalent to around $38,000 today).

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Image via Yahoo

The Amal Clooney Veil (2014)

Amal Alamuddin, now known as Amal Clooney, wore a custom-made Oscar de la Renta wedding gown with a cathedral-length veil covered in hand-embroidered lace. The veil was estimated to have cost around $380,000.

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The Nicky Hilton Veil (2015)

Nicky Hilton, the sister of Paris Hilton, wore a custom Valentino wedding gown with a veil that featured ornate lace detailing. The cost of the veil and gown combined was rumoured to be in the range of $77,000.

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Image via Splash News

The prices of these veils may not be realistic but they’re influenced by the custom design, intricate lacework, and the celebrity status of the brides!

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