It seems like only yesterday, we got to see our first Wiggly Real Wedding, when the gorgeous yellow Wiggle Emma, Married the purple Wiggle, Lachy; however, the Red Wiggle, Simon Pryce has now shared details of his proposal to personal trainer, Lauren Hannaford!

The pair met five years ago when Lauren joined The Wiggles tour crew as a gymnastics coach and after a few weeks, Simon finally worked up the courage to ask if he could join the gymnastics training,

He told Kidspot that it ‘all kind of went from there.’


Lauren and Simon (Images from @laurenhannaford)

He proposed at the end of 2015 while the pair were holiday in Paris. Simon bought tickets to watch an orchestra play in the Saint Chappelle (a 13th century chapel, an historic building that had ‘the largest amount of stained glass of that era in the world. It used to house Christ’s crown of thorns.’

Simon proposed in front of the room full of people and when the lead violinist from the orchestra noticed the proposal, he approached them and showered them with gifts.

Simon says that after the concert, they ‘went for dinner across the road and someone who saw it all must have told the waitress that we got engaged. They gave us free food and drinks.’

‘They didn’t give us any hot potatoes though,’ he joked.


As for the Big Day, there’s no date set yet, but is will probably be in 2017 and is likely to be a ‘classic and simple’ affair (with no loud colours or skivvies allowed!)

One thing is guaranteed, the other Wiggles, Emma, Anthony and Lachy will all be guests!

Photography by Lara Hotz and Daily Telegraph.

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