The Ultimate Photographer Shot List

The biggest tangible take away from any wedding are the photos and video, so it’s understandable couples want to ensure every special moment is captured and nothing is missed!

Most reputable photographers will already be well-versed on the type of images to capture throughout your big day, however you should still provide them with a thorough brief to ensure the most personal moments and shots most important to you aren’t missed.

Bride Getting Ready

The lead up to the action begins with the bride getting ready and there are quite a few shots you won’t want missed. 

These include shots of the following – Wedding dress hanging on hanger/mannequin, bouquet, rings, invitations, putting jewelry on, hair and makeup close ups, bridesmaids getting ready, first look with father.

The Ultimate Photographer Shot List
Image via @mervetogan

Groom Getting Ready

Just as exciting on the other side is the groom getting ready to meet his bride. The most important shots to include are – Suit hanging on hanger/mannequin, perfume, watch, invitations,

Groomsmen getting ready.

The Ultimate Photographer Shot List
 Image via @saltatelier_wedding

Bridal Party Photos

Now that you’re all dressed and ready for your big day, it’s time to meet the love of your life. The shots you don’t want missed include – the first look with the groom, bride and groom photos, bride alone photos, groom alone photos, bride and bridesmaids, groom and groomsmen, bride and maid of honour.

The Ultimate Photographer Shot List
Image via @wmamot
The Ultimate Photographer Shot List
Image via @liaandstu

Ceremony Photos

Ceremony photos capture a huge amount of sentiment and some of the most special photos captured will form part of the ceremony. Be sure to include – Location shots, bride emerging from car, groom awaiting the bride, wedding party walking down the aisle, flower girl/ring bearer, grooms face when he sees bride, exchanging of vows and rings, first kiss, couple existing the ceremony.

The Ultimate Photographer Shot List
Image via @lostinlove_photography

Family Photos

What’s a wedding without family? Include these important shots to ensure no one is left out – bride with parents, groom with parents, bride with siblings, groom with siblings, bride and groom with bride parents, bride and groom with groom parents, bride groom and each set of grandparents, bride and groom and immediate family members from both sides.

The Ultimate Photographer Shot List
Image via @deansnushallphotography


The reception is where all the fun and actions and there’s lots to capture! Venue shots, tables and centerpieces, bridal party entrance, bride and groom grand entrance, speeches/toasts, cake details/cake cutting, first dance, father/daughter dance, mother/son dance, parents and grandparents dancing, candid shots, bride and groom exit shots.

The Ultimate Photographer Shot List
Image via @saltatelier_wedding
The Ultimate Photographer Shot List
Image via @imagehausweddings


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