The Ultimate Bridal Shower Registry Checklist


Registry shopping for starting a new life with your partner has got to be one of the best parts of the wedding process. After all, you’ve hand-selected everything you want for your dream home starting from your kitchen, bathroom, bedroom and beyond.

Take the time with your partner to go through all the things that will build up your first home together. Sometimes registering can get a bit overwhelming but have no fear, we have the list of all the essential bridal shower registry gifts you must include!

The Kitchen

Make sure your kitchen is well equip with all the right tools to ensure you and your partner can cook up a storm!

Dining Room

For those intimate family gatherings or if it’s a quiet night in, you’ll need some of these essentials!

The Bar

Your bar area should be stocked with all your favourite beverages and this will come in handy when hosting special occasions, family gatherings and festivities at your place.

The Bedrooms

The perfect opportunity for a bedroom upgrade and redecorating to match the overall theme and colour palette of your home.

The Living Room

Ensure that your living room is both cozy and well-decorated with a variety of items that suit your tastes and styles.

The Bathroom

The items that you’ll be using every single day!

The Outdoor Entertainment Area

Don’t forget it’s all about the outside too! There are lots of fun registry gifts that will ensure that this space will be the hot new entertainment space in your home.

There you have it Fairies!

Written By: Alessandra Fasanella

Feature Image Via: Instagram

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