The Top Picks for the Royal Baby Name

Finally the world has welcomed the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s son, and we are so excited he is finally here, however the most anticipated question everyone’s asking is, what will be baby’s name be?

While they are keeping their cards close to their chest about the new Royal’s name, predictions about the baby’s name is the hot topic. 

Prince Harry and Meghan may decide to go with a traditional royal name like James, Edward or Arthur for a boy. However, Harry and Meghan’s child, will be seventh in line to the throne, and is extremely unlikely to ever be King or Queen, meaning the couple have more freedom with their choices.

In the US, the most popular name for a baby boy is Liam. In the UK, the most popular name for a boy born in 2017 was Oliver.

If the modern-royal couple choose to honour tradition and give their child a Royal name, these are the most popular from the last 100 years of monarchies. 


1. Albert (12 royals with this name)
2. George
3. Charles
4. Edward
5. Christian
6. Frederick
7. Louis
8. Arthur
9. William
10. Henry​

What are you thinking Fairies? Tell us your thoughts!

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