The modern fairytale Wedding we have all been waiting for…

After seeing this incredible Wedding play out over the weekend, we just HAD to reach out to this Couple and find out more. Somehow we knew there was an incredible love story, and more so a unique approach to getting Wedded, and living happily ever after! 

Jessy and Michael met five years ago on Bumble. “On our first date he cooked me dinner and I fell in love with his puppy (now my dog) Chip! Our romance started as we bonded over wine, our love for chocolate and adventuring. 

Michael proposed to me in August 2020 in our favourite park in Elizabeth Bay:

We go to this park every morning to walk our dog and meditate. He proposed in the morning and then following, we had dinner with dear friends”.

Reflecting on this story, we are not at all surprised that Michael decided to take Jessy’s surname as his own “We got married on 13th Nov 2021 in Brunswick Heads with my Michael taking my last name which was so special as we are now Mr & Mrs Marshall!”. Talk about a modern fairytale !

The most unique and stand out moments of the Wedding were as follows- wonderful tips here from Jessy the Bride for Couples planning to get Wedded, THEIR WAY!

  1. Defining likes and dislikes- When Michael and I were planning our wedding we thought about what it was that we disliked or really liked about other weddings we had attended and also what felt most like us! 
  2. The flow of the day- We love a long lunch so instead of doing a dinner we did a long lunch under the trees right after the ceremony. Actually, the flow of the day was a must for us, everything had to be streamlined and we were a big part of planning that. After lunch, everyone was told to “leave the mess here” and walked everyone to a marquee/grassed area for drinking and dancing into the night. 
  3. Be with the guests and make the most of the day- We also didn’t want to go away and have photos, we hated that about weddings ourselves so instead we popped away for 10 minutes here and there to capture some key moments otherwise we just have candid shots of us and guests and we actually think it worked better than going off for hours and getting photos, this way we got to really immerse into the event and be with our guests.
  4. Integrate family and friends in the ceremony- Another Unique part was that we integrated our loved ones through the ceremony, it was hosted by a close friend and our mothers played a part as well. Our celebrant was only there for the legalities.
  5. Speeches don’t always need to be so formal- Both the Bride and Grooms’ Sisters prepared the most amazing speeches, “this was so special to us and really gave us all the feelings”. 

Now we must address the big question on many Couples’ lips, how did Covid19 impact this Wedding?

Michael and Jessy originally planned to have 156 people at a location in QLD. Whilst in Sydney lockdown the couple realised a change of locations and adjustment to the guest list had to be made. “This was our third venue, we also only had 40 guests. The one thing we said from the beginning is that we wouldn’t change the day. Not because it was a meaningful date, just that other people we knew had changed multiple times and it seemed incredibly stressful. In the end it was our most perfect day!”.

We asked Jessy one thing she would’ve changed about the Wedding day as a last piece of advice “The only thing we would change would be having guests who couldn’t get to us due to border issues. Michael’s sister was his best lady due to him being unable to have any groomsmen attend. Although the day was perfect, we both had people we wished could have been there but given the ever changing climate of covid we also wanted to move forward and celebrate on the day we had chosen. We were so thankful to those that did come, those that reached out and just overall everyone supporting us in whatever capacity that was”. 

This Couple worked around what was in their control, and created a Wedding that was a true reflection of their relationship, personalities and love. “Overall the day was honestly magic – that may sound cliche but the whole day was perfect, effortless and full of all the love and vibes”. And now, we bid them adieu to … live happily ever after !

Let’s take a closer look, Fairies!

Photography and videography LENIFLASHES



  *   Needling, facials and then virtual facial consults 
  *  Brow tattooing 
  *   Hair colour


  *   Bridal Dress 1:
  *   Bridal Dress 2:
  *   Bridal Shoes Asymmetrical White Bows:
  *   Bridal Bag Mini White Pouch:
  *   Hair:
  *   Make Up:
  *   Jewellery


  *   Dress: Champagne (they chose a style that suited them)
  *   Shoes
  *   Hair:
  *   Make Up:
  *   Jewellery

Grooms Suit:


  *   Florals:
  *   Co-ordination:
  *   Margarita Truck:
  *   Venue:
  *   Music + Celebrant:
  *   Catering:
  *   Stationary:
  *   Personalise glassware which acted as name plates:
  *   Photography and videography

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