The Latest in Floral Wedding Trends

Here at Wedded Wonderland, we know when it comes to your Big Day, florals and foliage are extremely essential to the overall vision of the day. So we’ve broken down the absolute latest and hottest floral trends featured by some of the top floral event stylists in Australia.

Hanging Installations

Hanging installations are extremely popular for weddings and remain to be this season, with Fleur Events leading the pack with these stunning masterpieces.

Structural Design

β€œThe trends in florals that we have been seeing is a move away from overly whimsical, greenery heavy design.

“At She Designs, we are using more structural design pieces (like arches, stone, plinths) to guide the shape and style of the floral design. Rather than floral dominating the design, we are paring it back to create a much more sophisticated and natural look.” – Nina, She Designs Events

Faux Luxe

Brides can really create a stunning vision of their imagination with the use of faux florals, at a smaller price.

“Push the limits of originality, elegance and absolute flair with luxurious Faux flowers.” – Elana K Events

The Most Popular Flora and Fauna

Orchards, roses, and babies breath are the perfect species for creating structural or cascading designs.

What about the Hottest Colours?

It’s all about the whites and nudes this season, Fairies!

β€œ With winter approaching we are definitely trending into pure whites! With NO foliage and NO fillers, but spraying the foliage with contrasting colours of gold and rose gold designed in an asymmetrical centrepiece as opposed to the β€˜ball’ type centrepiece” – Elana K Events

β€œThe trends in colour for floral in the next season will see a strong shift to beautiful neutrals and soft tones like taupe, grey, off-white, nudes & latte.” – Nina, She Designs Events

And there you have it Faires, save this trending floral guide if your Wedding is coming up this season!

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