The Hottest Wedding Trends in 2021

No matter what stage you were at on your Wedding planning journey when Covid-19 restrictions were implemented, it is highly likely you were impacted in one way or another. Perhaps you had to reduce the number of guests at your Wedding, sacrifice dancing or accept that family and friends overseas and interstate would be unable to unattend.

However, there is nothing like a global pandemic to make you stop and reassess why you’re getting married in the first place, and it is this introspective thinking that has paved the way for many trends moving forward in 2021. 

This year will herald some seriously innovative and personal Wedding elements, so without further ado, here are six Wedding trends you can expect to see throughout 2021!

  1. A rise in Elopements and micro-Weddings

Despite restrictions relaxing in some parts of Australia, we expect Brides and Grooms will continue to host smaller, more intimate celebrations out of choice. Covid-19 has inspired people to consider what really matters to them, and for many, the focus is on each other and the act of getting married, rather than a Wedding itself.

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2. A rise in mid-week Weddings

With many couples postponing Weddings throughout 2020, there is a likely chance that due to the limited number of weekend dates available at venues in 2021, couples will consider mid-week dates to marry sooner. With Friday dates becoming more popular, we expect to see more Weddings take place Monday through to Thursday. Why not change things up!

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3. Non “Bridal” Fashion

With couples changing Wedding plans, some Brides have chosen to save their dress for another day, or do away with the traditional Wedding gown all together! 2021 will see an increase in mini dresses, pantsuits, two pieces and perhaps even colour. We love this chic take on the Bridal look!

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4. Local getaways will replace Honeymoons

With international travel restrictions in place indefinitely, couples will turn to regional locations to celebrate their newly-Wed status! Regional areas and hidden gems will see a little more love this year – Aren’t we lucky we live in such a beautiful country with so much to offer?

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5. An increase in Wedding parties

We expect 2021 will see an increase in celebrations following the legal ceremonies, with couples being Wed, then following on a later date with a party to celebrate. Personally, we are loving this trend and seeing couples make the most of the current situation!

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6. Local small businesses and suppliers will boom

In addition to an increase in more intimate Weddings in relaxed settings, couples will turn to local suppliers in order to support small businesses that have also been struggling throughout the last year.

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