The grass is always greener on the other side. That’s what everyone says. So even when you’re happily single, sometimes it’s hard not to wish that you’d stumble across the perfect boyfriend in some quirky scene out of a rom-com.

But take a breath. The solution is not to (literally) bump into your future husband and spill coffee all over him. Or worse, have him spill coffee all over you. Who wants that?

The Reasons Single Girls Have it Good

  1. Your weekends are yours. All yours
  2. It’s one less thing to prioritise. Life gets complicated and busy when there are two of you
  3. Your bed is yours. Your remote is yours. Everything is yours. You do not need to share anything
  4. You can make out with anyone. Anywhere. (Okay within reason)
  5. You don’t have someone else’s mum to impress
  6. You don’t need to watch sport. Or guy’s movies. Or listen to guys talk about sport or their movies
  7. You can indulge in secret single behaviour. We all have them.
  8. Two words. Reality TV. Okay more words. Reality TV with no one to judge why you wish you were Kim K
  9. When you’re out until sunrise, you don’t need to check in with anyone
  10. There’s no one to tell you those sky high heels are impractical and stupid (because they’re really not)
  11. Girls’ nights are every single night
  12. Shaving is no longer an essential
  13. You don’t bore anyone with your stories. Instead, you have actual real funny ones because you don’t spend Friday and Saturday nights in
  14. You do not need to try and buy a boyfriend a birthday present. Or a Christmas present. Because it’s hard. Really hard.
  15. You can go wherever you want whenever you want. If this involves travelling to a foreign country or just to the store to buy ice cream at 11pm, it doesn’t matter.

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