Nadine and Matthew’s celebrated their fairy-tale wedding with approximately 500 family and friends, and it was a party to be remembered!

Nadine was the ultimate princess in a dreamy lace gown by Leah da Gloria, complemented with smokey-eyed makeup and a soft bridal up-do.

Matthew proposed on Valentines Day, where he had arranged a boat cruise around the harbour, to eventually drop the couple off at a restaurant. However, after a short while of cruising and enjoying champagne, Nadine spotted another big boat, filled with 150 of their closest family and friends  in the middle of the ocean with a big sign saying “NADZ WILL YOU MARRY ME?” and turned around to find her husband-to-be down on one knee.  After the shock of the proposal wore off, the couple jumped on the other boat and celebrated with their  friends and family on the harbour for the rest of the night. Sounds like a dream proposal and such thoughtful planning from Matthew!

Fast-forward to their special day, which the couple described as magical and so full of love, it began with a traditional wedding ceremony at St Mary’s church, followed by a reception party at MIramare Gardens, which was adorned in bright yellow flowers, blossom trees and romantic candles throughout the entire space and a  beautiful wedding cake wrapped with the words of Beethoven’s  love letter ‘Immortal Beloved.’ The couple celebrated their special day with so much love in the room with all the guests laughing, dancing, clapping, singing and enjoying the food.

Nadine and Matthew told  Wedded Wonderland the best moment of the night was their entry into the reception party as husband and wife.” The drummers walked in with us and we walked down a long walkway between tables that family and friends were seated on dancing whilst holding hands. We danced our way to a massive removable stage placed in the middle of the dance floor. We all got up on the stage the bridal party, drummers, guests and Miramare owners. Everyone I can remember was up on this stage or surrounding us clapping smiling dancing, lights everywhere.  That moment we stood up on that stage, we looked around us and took a huge breath; honestly I will never forget that moment for the rest of my life.”


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