The First Official Portrait of King Frederik and Queen Mary of Denmark Revealed

The Royal House of Denmark has unveiled the eagerly anticipated first official portrait of King Frederik and Queen Mary, marking their debut appearance as Denmark’s reigning monarchs since their ascension to the throne in January 2024. This historic portrayal, captured by renowned photographer Steen Evald at Christiansborg Palace in Copenhagen, symbolizes a new era under their reign.

The First Official Portrait of King Frederik and Queen Mary of Denmark Revealed
Image by Steen Evald

In this regal composition, King Frederik and Queen Mary are adorned with the prestigious Order of the Elephant, Denmark’s highest order of chivalry, reflecting their eminent statuses. Adding to the grandeur, Queen Mary is depicted wearing the Danish crown jewels for the first time as queen. The emerald tiara, accompanied by a matching necklace, earrings, and brooch, shines a light on the rich history and continuity of the Danish monarchy. These pieces, crafted by jeweler C.M. Weisshaupt, were initially gifted to Queen Caroline Amalie by Christian VIII, and notably feature emeralds and diamonds repurposed from earlier royal collections.

A significant element of Danish royal tradition is also present in the portrait; Queen Mary wears a miniature portrait of King Frederik, symbolizing their personal and state bond. The portrait is slated for display in key state institutions and Danish embassies globally, signifying its importance as a symbol of Danish heritage and diplomacy.

The First Official Portrait of King Frederik and Queen Mary of Denmark Revealed
Image by Steen Evald

The release of this portrait is particularly poignant for Australia, as Queen Mary, originally from Tasmania, first met then-Prince Frederik at Sydney’s Slip Inn during the 2000 Sydney Olympic Games. Their subsequent love story, marked by a fairy-tale wedding in 2004 after Mary’s relocation to Denmark, has captivated public imagination worldwide.

The couple’s journey from a chance encounter to the throne encapsulates a modern royal narrative, enriched by their shared commitment and the birth of their four children: Crown Prince Christian, Princess Isabelle, and twins Princess Josephine and Prince Vincent.

As Denmark and the world admire this first official portrait of King Frederik and Queen Mary, it stands not only as a testament to their personal milestones but also as an emblem of a contemporary, yet traditional monarchy stepping confidently into the future.


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