The Bridesmaids Dress Trend That We’re Loving

Picking out gowns for your bridal party is no easy task. It’s hard enough to find a stunning dress for one person, let alone a dress that’ll work for every one of your bridesmaids. That’s why we’ve fallen in love with this gorgeous trend.

Brides are now ditching the idea of identical bridesmaids, and are instead choosing to have gowns that complement each other. Think the same colours, but different styles. Or, the same style, but different colours. OR completely different gowns with hints of similar shades of colour. Whatever the choice, these bridal parties looking stunning and we are loving it!

In case you’re currently on struggle street with your bridesmaids and in in need of a solution, look no further. Here are the ten bridesmaids looks that make us adore this trend.

Get browsing Fairies!

Cover photo by: @peytonrbyford



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