Hiring a Wedding planner is like purchasing a gift that keeps on giving; although it will cost money, the return on investment is so worth it. However, the biggest question we’re asked is ‘what do they do?’

Every Wedding planner is different, but we’ve outlined some of the most stressful tasks that you can delegate to your planner!

1.  Schedule

Your planner should start by providing you with an in-depth schedule that shows you what should be finalised when. Along with this calendar, you should also ask for a monthly to-do list, so that you know exactly what you’re responsible for and don’t miss an important appointment.

2. Budget

Ask any Bride and you’ll probably find that when planning their Wedding, they went over budget. Hiring a Wedding planner will mean that you have someone overseeing your spending and guiding you on what to cut back from.

3. Guidance

Unfortunately, most Brides only get married once; meaning when you’re planning your Wedding, you’re running blind. This is where a Wedding planner can help. They’ve organised hundreds of Weddings, meaning they know all of the etiquette, as well as exactly what will/won’t work. Learn from them and take their advice at every opportunity.

4. Contacts

Wedding planners are like the social butterflies of the industry. They know what’s trending, whose flowers are the freshest, which band is renowned for showing up late and which celebrant likes to have one too many glasses of champagne. Not only will your planner give you all the best contacts in your city, but they’ll also often be able to get you the best deals.

5. Contracts

You’ll be signing so many contracts in the lead-up to your Wedding that you’ll feel like you’re selling your soul. There are endless terms and conditions involved in the contract so you need someone on your side who can help you negotiate – and this is when the Wedding planner comes in!

6. Management on the Day

From supervising the vendors, helping with set-up and fixing any last-minute emergencies, your Wedding planner will make sure everything runs smoothly on your Big Day.

Image from Stephanie and Christian’s wedding. Photography by Irina Berestovskaya

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