The Best Way To Remove A Tattoo Of Your Ex, According To Dr Saras

A recent study via Cynosure and McCrindle tells us 14% of Australians get their first tattoo for a loved one!

Are you guilty of a permanent tattoo on a temporary relationship?

Loaan knows all too well the struggle of a tattoo that seemed like the perfect idea at the time:

“I got this tattoo for a boy but I never ended up with him so I need to get rid of it. I got the tattoo when I was young and stupid – it was for a boy I had a crush on and it says Amor Paciente which means patient love.”

We’re happy to hear that her crush didn’t crush her because she’s ready to forget the memory.

“I really want to get the one on my upper arm removed because it has no more meaning to me whatsoever.”

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Loaan’s regret for the tattoo is no more since her decision to remove it. And she’s never getting a tattoo because of a crush again. #lessonlearnt

“ I really hate it now and wish I didn’t get it – I would not get a tattoo over a boy again, I’m really excited for it to be gone.”

Cynosure, leading manufacturer and developer of light-based aesthetic and medical systems brings you PicoSure, the world’s first and only picosecond aesthetic laser cleared by the FDA!

This unparalleled breakthrough in laser technology is here for removing the ex – from the mind and body, literally.

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We spoke to cosmetic medicine expert, Dr Saras, who has clinics in Double Bay, Miranda and Annandale:

How many patients do you see coming in to remove tattoo’s because of past relationships?

Almost all the patients who come in are wanting to remove their tattoos because of a past failed relationship. Only a very few people are wanting to remove them for work , or to put another tattoo over the other one. Sometimes it is the even new partner who wants it gone.

Do customers ever say whether it is from a short terms fling or a long term relationship breakup or divorce?

Almost always the tattoo is from a significant relationship which has meant a lot to the patient whether the relationship lasted a long time or a short time.Sometimes the patient can be very bitter about the break-up or just very relaxed about it and willing to admit that they rushed into the decision.

Do you find the tattoos are names, or images that are symbolic of the relationship?

Very often it is a name or a face of their partner.

How big are the tattoos generally?

They can be the smallest name on a finger or ankle or it can be a large sleeve tattoo with names and a face and sayings!! They can also be in the most unusual places.

Is it more males or females you see regretting their ink?

I think it is equal between both sexes wanting their tattoos off but maybe females are willing to pay and go through the treatments needed to remove the tattoo completely.

How many of your tattoo removal clients are upcoming brides?

A significant number of my patients (10%) are brides to be or are thinking their current relationships are going to end in a wedding! They are sensible because removing a tattoo with laser requires several treatments.

Is the wedding a big reason for women wanting to have their tattoo removed?

Weddings these days are so popular and everything is so micro managed including how perfect the bride is going to be in that beautiful dress. As dresses these days can be a little more revealing than they used to be tattoos can’t be easily covered up as they used to be! Everybody knows that photos taken on the day will be displayed and seen for generations to come. This is why women are increasingly wanting their tattoos removed.

Any other interesting trends you are seeing when it comes to brides prepping for their big day?

A wedding is often the motivation for brides, mothers of the bride, and others in the bridal party to seek to have treatments for the first time to look extra special on the important day. At my practice this has included having  Picosure laser for skin rejuvenation (improves scarring and pigmentation), SculpSure laser to contour the body to fit into that special dress and botox injections to soften those common wrinkles such as the frown and crow’s feet lines!

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