The Best Month To Get Married According To Your Star Sign

Is your wedding date written amongst the stars? Choosing the right time and date for your wedding is pretty crucial, so why not make it less stressful with a little help from astrology!

Fairies, below is a full breakdown and guide to finding out what is the best month to get married according to your star sign. Here you go!

Aries: April or October

Aries is full of energy and therefore, you are quick and can sometimes become restless with delays throughout any process. It is important to choose either April or October to get the ball rolling for your wedding planning as you will feel inspired to look deeply into yourself and your partner to organise an impeccable wedding.

Taurus: June or November

Taurus appreciate the finer things in life and prefer surrounding yourself in environments that are aesthetically pleasant and catch your eye. You stick by your commitments and want to create something that will be long lasting and fruitful. A wedding in either June or November is when the season is in full swing and the season will be the perfect backdrops for your wedding pics.

Gemini: December

Gemini is always thinking and processing thoughts so your birthday month may not be so romantic to have your wedding. You are always changing your mind and you can sometimes get distracted. Early December is the perfect time for you to tie the knot with your partner as the season will allow you to broaden your horizons with the wedding planning. And as for your honeymoon, look into a destination that is somewhere far-off and exotic that will defiantly allow you to explore the world’s most beautiful hidden treasures.

Cancer: July or Beginning of January

Cancer is naturally very family and home oriented and therefore you’re attached to the people in your life and what better way to celebrate your union on your own birth month! Having all your loved ones surrounded around you on your big day will no doubt build a strong foundation with your partner in the future.

Leo: August or February

It’s all about Leo, all the attention focused! Your wedding guests will never forget your wedding day as you have a flair for the dramatic and a fun, outgoing personality that certainly doesn’t go unnoticed. A late winter wedding in August or summer wedding in February will ensure all eyes are on you! If you plan to do your wedding in February, Valentine’s Day is in the same month therefore your emotions will run deeper and your wedding will certainly reflect your affection and love for your partner.

Virgo: March or September

Both months mark the beginning of a new season and what better way to kick off the month with your wedding! A Virgo is known for their specific, daily routines and your wedding will fit right into the schedule of the new season. Planning your wedding on your birth month September or during the Pisces season, will ensure that every detail is well thought out to allow you to have the perfect wedding you have always dreamed of.

Libra: October

Libra is the sign of love! Your friendly nature and natural charm instantly draws people in. You’re all about maintaining harmony and peace with all so choosing a date for your special day during October will be the perfect time for your wedding. It’s all about starting your marriage on equal footing and the season for Libras is all about maintaining the balance between yourself and your partner.

Scorpio: November or May

You can come a little intense and jealous at times, especially in love. Try and stay clear of these characteristics for your wedding day and plan your day during your birth month. Although your emotions are deep, be careful as you may encounter some struggles and trust issues along the way during the process. If you prefer to tie the knot outside your birth month a good option would be May as during this time you will be surrounded by love and affection.

Sagittarius: December or February

A Sagittarius is known for their inspiring nature. People love being around you because of your vibrant and fun nature, and this is one of your best character traits. You constantly love being stimulated by experiencing new experiences and activities. Travelling and exploring the world is something that you crave and you’re the sign that will most likely have a destination wedding. Tie the knot abroad in your birth month as everyone will be willing to travel the distance to be with you on your special day. If you would rather not have a destination wedding an alternate option would be in February where you can enjoy the company of those around you. Don’t worry though, you’ll still be able to embark on new adventures and have a strong support system backing you up.

Capricorn: July

You treat yourself very seriously and always take on new responsibilities as you like to see yourself progress in your career through your hard work. It’s so important for you to pick a relaxed time of year for you to tie the knot. And there is no better month than July to do so! July is the opportunity for you to rejuvenate your energy and start a new relationship path with your partner. And after your wedding, home life will at last outweighs your busy and intense work schedule.

Aquarius: February

Sudden changes to your life happen quite frequently as you get bored when things become too predictable. You usually don’t give a lot of thought to planning events so you would rather pick a random date and just go with it. However, early February is where you spark some sort of inspiration because it’s your season. Chase your dreams and follow new opportunities that come your way especially when it comes to falling in love and taking the next step with your partner.

Pisces: March

Your wedding day is the one thing that every Pisces has dreamt about! You love emotional intensity and you’re very good at establishing deeper bonds with people, especially with your partner. March is your month to defiantly tie the knot as you’ll be in your element! You’re free to think outside the box and build your dream wedding with a fairytale ending.

Written By: Alessandra Fasanella

Feature Image By: Duke Images

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