The Best Diamond Shape for an Engagement Ring

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Choosing an engagement ring is the ultimate paradox. The concept of searching for one of the most beautiful items you’ll ever own warms your heart, but the practical element behind it is a lot more complicated than you’d imagine. Luckily for us, Arman’s Fine Jewellery are experts at picking out a piece you’ll cherish forever.

Third generation jeweller Aris Azumanian has provided countless couples with specialist advice on how to choose the right ring, with the Sydney-based diamantaire renowned for creating one of a kind designs. According to him, it’s essential that you fall in love with the stone, so knowing your personal style and features are an essential part of the process. We sat down the master jeweller to help decode the intricate, but inherent, details behind stone styles.

Round brilliant cut diamonds are best suited to someone looking for a very classic and traditional look. Their design is intrinsically timeless and they’ll remain in style for years to come since they’re the industry standard that all diamond shapes are measured against. Because of its precise cut, the sparkle is unparalleled and guaranteed to dazzle for eternity. The shape is also excellent at hiding inclusions and colour tints from the naked eye, as the brilliance and shimmer will overshadow any flaws. With all things being equal, a round diamond will be more expensive than an oval diamond.

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Oval cut diamonds are a huge player in the industry. Their intense sparkle, exaggerated face, and clear faceting make them a popular centrepiece on an engagement ring. Not only that, but oval cut diamonds are one of the most flattering shapes for a wearer’s hands due to their elongated, graceful appearance. Despite this, oval diamonds are one of the trickiest designs to cut as they come in so many variations.

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Princess cut diamonds are known for their sharp corners and brilliant gleam. They can rival the intensity of a round brilliant diamond easily, with their flattering design encouraging light to dance off its many facets and give the illusion of a larger stone. They’re arguably the second most popular cut, with their flexibility of appearance making them ideal for the bride who wants to experiment with the design of her ring.

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Pear shape diamonds are one of the most intriguing cuts. They come in a variety shapes, yet all have a distinctive rounded top that gradually tapers down into an elegant tip. Couples often prefer a lengthier cut if they’re looking for more finger coverage, however some favour a wider design to create a fuller appearance. Despite their reputation as an old-fashioned style, lately we’ve a great revival in demand, most notably with our custom halo designs.

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Emerald cut diamonds are arguably the most elegant. Their large, open tables have a distinct art deco feel, while each facet is clearly visible thanks to their characteristic cut. You can liken the style of an emerald stone to the effect created by a hall of mirrors, with each facet reflecting off each other to produce the mirage of a larger stone. If you want a slimming effect, consider a more elongated design, however, because an emerald is quite a slender, adding side stones such as baguettes or trapezoids is an excellent way to achieve balance. For a fuller look, opt for an asscher or shorter stone before counterpoising it with a pair of slim side stones such as tapered baguettes.

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Personally, I love a marquise cut diamond as it’s a unique alternative to the more popular elongated shapes. It’s especially similar to the oval in the way that it appears larger than its carat weight thanks to the shape-widening feature in the belly of the stone and tapering of the wings. Symmetry is especially important for a marquise cut diamond as well as proportion – you don’t want the diamond to look too long, short, shallow, or wide. The pointed edges make it more vulnerable to breakage, so ensure they’re kept within a normal range.

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Cushion cut pave engagement rings have taken the Sydney diamond industry by storm, and it’s not hard to see why. Subtle, elegant, and gorgeously shiny, a cushion cut stone has a very classic look to it. A combination of a square cut with rounded, pillow-esque corners, a cushion stone looks exquisite in almost any setting and gives the wearer a chance to get creative with the ring’s style. Thanks to this, it’s likely that cushion cut stones will be an engagement ring staple for years to come.

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Arman’s Fine Jewellery is a family owned business in Sydney’s CBD that specialise in custom designing diamond engagement rings, diamond stud earrings, diamond tennis bracelets and diamond pendants. Their team of award-winning jewellers ensure that each diamond is perfectly positioned in its bespoke ring so that the light can reflect through every facet to amplify its natural radiance. Arman’s Fine Jewellery are the ideal choice if you are seeking to create a diamond engagement ring or a jewellery piece that can be cherished for generations.

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Article written by Alison Donnellan

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