Someone invited their ex-boyfriend to the Wedding and the Groom’s not happy… Married at First Sight s3 ep3

We were left with the ‘cliff-hanger’ Wedding between Craig and Andy and while the pair went through with the vows, it seems not all is well in paradise (well, New Zealand, because let’s be fair, flights to Tahiti are waaayyy too pricey for Channel 9).

The newlyweds seem to be getting on moderately (Craig REALLY likes Andy, but Andy either doesn’t show emotion or still isn’t sure), until Craig introduces his attractive, sassy and fabulous EX-BOYFRIEND!

Yep, Craig invited the ex-boyfriend who he was with for more than a decade to his Wedding to another man.


Andy deals with it like any mature man would… he throws a huge tanty, skulls a few Jack Daniels and bitches about it to his bestie.


“The fact that he invited that guy to the wedding … That’s really shocking to me. Really shocking to me. They were together for 13 years. And this is our day. I never thought Craig would be so frivolous as to invite one of his exes to the first day of the rest of our lives. I felt really hurt. I felt everything I’d done and said and been a part of today was dead to me.

“I think it’s a complete betrayal. I wouldn’t do that, I could’ve done that, I wouldn’t. I’m out. I’m out. I think it’s a deal breaker.”

“Scuse me is there any chance of a Jack Daniel’s please? Shut up. Just shut up. Jack Daniel’s and coke please.”

Craig knows something is wrong and starts getting anxious, but then the JD kicks in and calm Andy is back. Andy then proceeds to tell the camera that he really likes Craig and it’s been ‘the most amazing day’.

Craig grabs Andy’s butt before whispering “I can’t wait ‘till all the cameras are off.I want to ****.” All’s well again in the land of Hobbits and sheep.


Going back to Oz, we get updated on Jess and Dave’s progress. Jess is trying really hard to connect with Dave the ‘She’s not what I ordered 2.0’ man, but after Dave’s awkward dance, the night the twosome seem to start enjoying each other’s company. #FaithInLoveRestored

On to Brissy and we meet up with Bella and Michael whose only issue is that they have to wait through an entire Wedding reception before they can start making out. Bella shows off her personality by telling Michael all about her crystals and how she has to re-energise their power by letting them sit under a full moon or wash them in the ocean while chanting and burning the hairs of her ancestors (half of that sentence is actually true).


Images from Channel 9.

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