Say it isn’t so! Sam and Snez reveal they’ve put a hold on their Wedding

One of our favourite loved-up couples from The Bachelor, Sam Wood and Snezana Markoski have revealed some sad news overnight – they’re upcoming Wedding plans have been placed on hold.


The pair moved in to their new Melbourne home together, along with Snez’s daughter Eve, just six weeks ago, but when Sam was asked how their Wedding plans were coming along by Yahoo!Be, he responded “They’re not, if I’m being honest.”


Fear not, Fairies – love isn’t dead yet.

Sam clarified that they are still set to get Married, but it’s just on-hold at the moment.

“It was kind of put on the back burner till the girls moved to Melbourne and settled in.”


Although they may Wed as soon as March 2017, it seems Snez has the final say on dates.

“It’s up to Snez really with the wedding – I mean I’m relatively happy for her to have whatever sort of wedding she wants – so she’s gonna find a venue and we’ve gotta make sure it’s available on the date.”

Images from, Instagram and Channel 10

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