Sasha from The Bachelor reveals there was a pregnancy scare in the house!

Sasha from The Bachelor reveals there was a pregnancy scare in the house!

Sasha Zhuarvlyova from the recent season of The Bachelor Australia has revealed ALL after her contract with the show is now void.

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Earlier this year NW Magazine reported that a crew member had found a pregnancy test in the mansion. At the time the Bachelor producers released a statement asserting that “Warner Bros can confirm that there is no truth to this story. There was no positive pregnancy test found at the mansion.”

Shifty! Now what they’re saying was not a lie as Sasha has come out to confirm that while a girl did take a pregnancy test in the house, it came back negative Sacha said:

“One girl did a pregnancy test during the series….The girls went to a pharmacy to get a pregnancy test for her.”

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Which girl? She won’t reveal, but she did confirm that it had nothing to do with Richie. This was because it was impossible to get close to him when the cameras weren’t filing, as a group of producers always surrounded him to ensure there were no funny business going on.

And this will not be the last of the news to come out from the show now that the girls contracts have ended, Sasha has even encouraged her Instagram followers to send her questions about the show!

Excuse us while we compile a list…

Compiling a list of questions

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