Royal Wedding: Jordan’s Ali Nasser Judeh Marries Tamara Rasamny

Jordan’s Ali Nasser Judeh, son of Princess Sumaya Bint El Hassan and former Foreign Minister Nasser Judeh, wed Tamara Rasamny in an intimate and elegant ceremony in Jordan earlier this week. The couple, who announced their engagement last August, exchanged vows surrounded by close family and friends, marking a beautiful beginning to their new chapter together.

Royal Wedding: Jordan's Ali Nasser Judeh Marries Tamara Rasamny
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How They Met

Ali and Tamara’s romance blossomed at Georgetown University in Washington, DC, where they first met in 2014. Tamara, the granddaughter of the renowned Lebanese journalist Salim Lawzi, and daughter of Ramzy and the late Maya Rasamny, brings a rich appreciation for Middle Eastern culture and art to the union. Their wedding was a perfect blend of their shared Levantine heritage, infused with personal touches and tributes to their families.

Royal Wedding: Jordan's Ali Nasser Judeh Marries Tamara Rasamny
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The Ceremony

The wedding ceremony, held in Amman, was a stunning display of elegance and cultural homage. The bride, Tamara, wore a bespoke white dress by Lebanese designer Maison Rabih Kayrouz. Crafted in Beirut, the dress showcased Lebanese craftsmanship, featuring intricate details that highlighted Tamara’s refined taste and heritage. Her ensemble was complemented by a pair of bespoke Jennifer Chamandi pumps, adorned with a special plaque commemorating the occasion, and a custom clutch bearing the couple’s initials, adding a heartfelt touch to her sophisticated look.

Royal Wedding: Jordan's Ali Nasser Judeh Marries Tamara Rasamny
Image via Harper’s Bazaar Arabia

The Bridal Look

Tamara’s choice of jewelry further exemplified her exquisite style. She adorned herself with earrings from L’atelier Nawbar, known for their intricate designs, in most of her piercings. A pair of stunning hoop earrings from Boghossian completed her bridal look, blending modern elegance with traditional beauty. For Tamara, incorporating creations by Lebanese designers was a nod to her heritage and a show of support for local artisans.

Royal Wedding: Jordan's Ali Nasser Judeh Marries Tamara Rasamny
Image via Harper’s Bazaar Arabia

The Groom’s Ensemble

Matching Tamara’s elegance, Ali Nasser Judeh donned a bespoke suit from the renowned Savile Row tailor, Gieves & Hawkes. His suit, tailored to perfection, echoed a timeless style, complementing his bride’s refined attire and creating a harmonious visual for the couple.

The Celebration

Their wedding was more than just a union of two hearts; it was a celebration of their shared culture and personal histories. Reflecting on their shared Levantine heritage, the couple paid tribute to Tamara’s late mother and the rich cultural tapestry of their backgrounds. The intimate setting in Amman provided a serene backdrop, allowing the couple to focus on the essence of their love and the importance of family.


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