We’ve all heard the Bridezilla stories. The woman who made her bridesmaids dye their hair brown, so she’s the only blonde in the bridal party. The one who started weigh-ins for her bridesmaids six months before the ceremony. The bride who made all her friends write a letter explaining why they should be maid of honour. But now it turns out the modern groom is as hands on with weddings as the brides. Yes, you read that right. The modern groom is getting his hands dirty, helping choose everything from the flowers to the stationery font.

Could you imagine your partner saying, “No darling, I’d much prefer the orchids over the tulips.” Or, “I don’t like the font on the menu, what is that? Helvetica?”

The reality is men are more involved than ever before, shattering the old stereotype of “let me know what time it is and I’ll be there.”

We all know planning a wedding can be incredibly stressful and it’s all about teamwork. But just how much responsibility are you willing to give your groom? There’s always been the assumption that it’s the bride who calls the shots for the big day. But what happens when the groom wants to be involved in all the decision making? Or if he actually starts changing things? We know, your inner bride thoughts are screaming “What?! But it’s my wedding!” We hate to be the bearer of bad news, but it’s his wedding too and if he wants to share, he has every right.

The rise of the Groomzilla is also known to be on the rise to rope in the brides spending. Some grooms don’t realise how much their wedding is costing them. Or at least they don’t until the bride leaves a receipt for thousands of dollars on the kitchen bench for baby’s breath and heart shaped candles. And just like that? They’re involved in everything from the price of the napkins to the orange juice you’ll be serving on the morning of the wedding.

Personally, we think you should be flattered that your man cares enough about you and your wedding day to get involved. But, if he starts showing up to your dress fittings and asking you to replace layers of tulle with layers of tissues? Then it’s time to lay down the law.

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