Our favourite Gossip Girl weddings

Hello Upper East Siders, Gossip Girl just dropped the juiciest news ever. A reboot is coming!

Yep, it has been officially confirmed that your favourite teen drama series will be returning in 2020 with 10 one-hour episodes.

Oh how we’ve missed Gossip girl making the elite families of the upper east side a little nervous every time their phone buzzed, we also miss watching the outsider becoming the ultimate insider once we found out in the season finale that lonely boy himself was gossip girl.

And how can we forget the fashion? But our favourite part, the weddings!

Here we look back at the most memorable Gossip Girl weddings.

Chuck and Blair

It took long enough, but Chuck and Blair finally got their happily ever after, tying the knot in New York City’s Central Park. Blair literally wore her ‘something blue’ in a chic Elie Saab gown.

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Dan and Serena

Lonely boy finally got his girl. Dan and Serena married in a very intimate ceremony, but there was nothing low-key about her dress. The fashion icon wore a lavish gold and white by Georges Chakra.

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Lily and Rufus

Lilly finally married her first love, Rufus Humphrey, in a beautiful fuchsia gown and in true Humphrey’s fashion it was only right for the wedding to end downtown in the Brooklyn Loft.

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Dorota and Vanya

Dorota was a gem in Gossip Girl and Blairs right-hand women (well, technically she was her maid). Her wedding was organised by Chuck in season 3 when he was trying to win over Blair.

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Eleanor and Cyrus

Blair wasn’t the only Waldorf to get a Happily Ever After, Eleanor married the sweetest man in Gossip Girl history, and proved that opposites really do attract.

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Blair and Prince Louis

We all know it ended terribly and wish this wedding never happened because the only man for Blair was Chuck, but we got through it together. And even though Blair didn’t become the Princess of Monaco she is definitely the princess of the Upper East Side.

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After all that our queens S and B finally got their Happily Ever After and we can’t wait to get ours in the new Gossip Girl reboot.

Written By Jamal Mohamad

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