One of this year’s The Block couples has split!

We all know that all of the couple’s on Channel 9’s The Block are pushed to the limits on the show, but generally they work it through together. So, imagine our dismay when we found out that one of this year’s The Block hopefuls, Carleen and Dan have separated after living together for 32 years!


Carleen spoke to Woman’s Day magazine to confirm that she and Dan were living separate lives. She has stayed in Perth, while Dan moved a few hours away.

‘I still have commitments in Perth. Dan has two brothers who live down there, and he decided he wanted to work there,” 52-year old Carleen said.


Adding even more heartbreak to the pair, Dan explained that the couple’s business has been suffering and they are struggling to keep afloat.

“We’re going broke doing this… The biggest challenge has been trying to get continual work and giving the boys a good education. You push yourself to give your kids a better life,” Dan said.


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