National Pink Day: How To Incorporate Pink In Your Wedding Day

National Pink Day is a celebration commemorating the colour pink on June 23rd each year. It’s the ideal day for women and men to dress up in their best pink outfits and celebrate the colour. Pink, after all, is a hue that is not only popular now but also has a long history of historical significance.

Pink is known as the prettiest colour in the colour pallet, and it is one of those hues that please our sight while also ensnaring our senses. Such is the irresistible allure of this cheerful hue. Pink is a popular wedding colour that also symbolises love, dedication, and elegance. That’s why we associate pink with romance and celebrate it on National Pink Day!

This colour is associated with innocence and purity, as we know from white bridal gowns. However, it also connotes completeness and truth. From focusing the entire theme on this sweet colour to incorporating it into the clothing, jewellery or accessories, and decor, you can most definitely include pink in your wedding day!

Pink does not have to be used to create an ultra-feminine theme for your wedding — it can be used to lighten the palette and lend a sense of whimsy and romanticism to your big day.

Here are ways to incorporate pink into your wedding day… Think Pink Fairies!

Wedding Dress

If you don’t want to wear white for your wedding gown, a pink gown is just as beautiful and feminine.
Pink lovers would like a bridal gown that is merely tinged with the colour. Shades of rose and blush are charming for the bride who wants to go full-on pink, while more saturated colours like cotton candy and bubblegum are for the extremely bold bride. Whatever shade of pink you want, you may take the look a step further by having your bridesmaids wear different shades of pink to balance out your wedding gown.

Photographer: Cassandra Ladru Creative

Bridesmaids Dresses

If you’d like to stick to the traditional white or ivory, then have your bridesmaids dress in pink.

Pink bridesmaids’ dresses should surely be on your radar if you’re searching for a flexible and universally flattering hue for your bridal party. Pink bridal party dresses come in a variety of shades and designs to match all skin tones and bridal styles, from classic blush gowns to magenta tiny dresses.

Pink colours are well-known for their versatility in a mix-and-match palette. Consider mixing softer pink with more saturated tones like a dusty rose if you’re planning on having a mismatched wedding party. If you like a more traditional look, seek maxi dresses in classic colours like pink and peony. Pink bridal party gowns are available in nearly every style and neckline imaginable.

Photographer: Jeremy Blode


What’s your favourite method to include a splash of pink? Carry a bunch of lovely pink flowers! A pink bridal bouquet has a way of anchoring a pink colour palette or accent colour on the wedding day. The designs, flowers, and arrangements available vary as much as the colours of pink.

There’s a flower for every type of bride, from passionate roses to traditional peonies. This colour blends so nicely with other colours, it can be contrasted with other bold colours to create a seasonal bouquet.

Photographer: Cassandra Ladru Creative


If you’re a bride that loves her accessories, then this one is a no-brainer. Simply opt for a bit of colour in your wedding day jewellery. Rather than sticking to the basic clear diamonds or pearls, try pink diamond earrings or a necklace that will pair nicely with your dress.

You can even opt for rose gold jewellery to bring in those warmer tones if you prefer!


Rather than sticking to the traditional white or silver shoe, perhaps be more daring in your shoe choice. From a soft blush pink to a sizzling hot, a pink shoe could be that bit of spice your wedding day outfit is missing!

Source: Jessica Reeve Photography

Stationery and Styling

If you don’t want pink to be a part of your bridal look, then it can be incorporated in other ways. Pink menu cards, tableware, vases and candles etc. All of these little elements can work together to make your wedding day exude the romance and sweetness of the colour. You can create a pink ambience through the stationary and styling, the perfect wedding atmosphere.

Photographer: Erin and Tara

Pink Beverages

A cocktail board or special ‘drink’ can be the way to go. Serve your guests ‘pretty-in-pink’ cocktails to honour the colour… And get your guests buzzing! Not only do they taste and look great, they’ll be perfect for photographs. your guests will appreciate the thoughtfulness and it will be an element of your wedding day that won’t be forgotten.

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