Melbourne Cup: These Are the Ultimate Headpieces You’ll Want to Wear

Fairies, you know how much we love to be on trend, so for Melbourne Cup, we’ve gone ahead and done the research for you and these are the trending headpieces you’ll be seeing at this year’s races.

While we’ve seen our fair share of the fancy, the outrageous and the quirky over the years, we predict 2018 will be girly, and super sophisticated, which we’re totally here for.

We’ve got our money placed on these six major headpiece trends.


1. Bright & Bold Colours

It’s the last month of spring, so we’re taking all the lovely brightness and making it brighter and bolder for the summer days ahead. These headpieces are all the colour you could ever need!


2. Spring Florals

Floral headpieces aren’t going anywhere anytime soon and they’re definitely here for this season of the races. Whether it’s larger blooms or delicate flowers, florals are here to stay.

 3. Striking Structure

Quirky shapes and pretty bows are the ‘it’ thing here. These headpieces are a bit more out of the box and all the more beautiful for it. Only for the brave, headpieces like these are for every girl who likes to be a little bit more different.

4. Pretty Pearls

Another trend that’s keeping with the simple and understated look is the pearl headpiece. Even though they tend to be on the smaller size, they’re beautiful enough to make a statement of their own without getting lost in the whole look.

5. Crystal Headpieces

Pretty and delicate, crystal headpieces are a subtle way to make a bold statement. Customise your piece to compliment your outfit with different coloured crystals and shapes.

6. Oversized Hats

We’re thanking Meghan Markle for the resurgence of this trend. Thanks to the ever-fashionable Duchess, large hats are making a comeback, so you can bet that you’ll be seeing a fair few of these at the races.


Cover photo by: @sylvyearl

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