Married At First Sight Ep 23 Recap: Are Andy and Vanessa Calling it Quits?


What has been happening during the final weeks of Married At First Sight? Let us fill you in!

Great news! Alene and Simon have officially said those magic words, ‘YES!’. It was definitely love at first sight and they can now walk off in the sunset together, (privately!).

“I’ve now grown to truly care for you and I can’t imagine going back to my old life the way that it was,” Simon says.

“Alene you’re the best wife I could’ve asked for and with all my heart I hope to continue this relationship with you well into the future.”

Good luck kids!

Not really a surprise but whatever.

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Meanwhile, Andy, our silent groom returns home and discusses with his parents that his anti-social skills may be an issue for partner Vanessa.

“It’s possibly because you couldn’t get a word in,” his mum replies, obviously dissing Vanessa!

Andy decides to get another expert opinion from none other than friend Tom who questions what will happen once the ‘experiment’ wears off. That’s right, his one of those friends..

Of course, Andy doesn’t reply but ponders. Wait, does he even talk anyway?

“ ...”

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“She’d talk under water! I don’t think opposites attract,” Tom continues, meanwhile trying to destroy the relationship. Do we sense a love triangle?

And.. you know it. Andy still hasn’t replied.

Meanwhile, at the beach side ceremony, Vanessa arrives and they both decide to stay together. Hooray! But, things get interesting.

“It is my deepest concern we won’t be able to offer each other what we need”, Vanessa explains to her partner. Whaaa

“However, I would like to stay in this relationship beyond the experiment,” she says. What a relief.. Andy looked heartbroken!

Not ideal.

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Once the dust settled, the happy couple walked back onto the sand to live a life of non-stop conversation.

“I’m excited to see what happens with us,” Vanessa says. Uh huh..

Until next time fairies!


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