Married At First Sight Ep 21 Recap: Nadia Fights Back!

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Tuesday night’s episode showed a major change in Nadia’s behaviour. She finally talked back to her partner Anthony!

Known for his ‘everyday jerk attitude’, Anthony has called Nadia ‘frigid’ in the past, meanwhile assuming she would just move her life into his apartment. But, it seems our innocent Nadia has had enough.

“The prospect of moving my life is not that daunting to me. I’ve done it. You pick up your stuff, you move somewhere else.”, Anthony explains to his beloved partner.

Nadia (a little p@#$ off) talks back to her demanding husband.

“So much bullsh*t,” she says.

That face.
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“What does that mean?” he asked her..

Nadia then explains she doesn’t want to be the one always making compromises.

Taken aback, Anthony throws her another curve ball.

“Let’s say we’ve been seeing each other for the same amount of time. And I asked you out again for another date. Would you say yes?”

This is why we love Nadia..

“I don’t know,” she answers back!

“Nom nom nom NO nom nom ...”
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“So I’m just gonna pack my bags right now and I’m gonna get on the next flight to Anthony’s arms? Is that what happens?”, Nadia questions her spouse. Anthony is looking really pale!

“I’ve said all I can. Now I’m just wasting breath,” he says.

Once the dinner is over, Nadia invites gal pal Vanessa for some heart to heart. But it seems nothing was really achieved and Nadia has yet to find some answers to her dilemma.

“Mmmm,” Vanessa replies, clearly not interested. Maybe since she has major issues with her hubby?

Until next time fairies!

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