Married At First Sight Ep 20 Recap: More Insults!

Did we hear this correctly? Anthony decides to insult his wife’s boobs!

For their surprise date, Anthony takes Nadia shopping and suddenly controls what she wears.

“She doesn’t have the boobs to wear that — she’s got no boobs,” he says.

When you have no idea what you’re doing but you do it anyway.

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Right now, we have no idea what Nadia is doing and as she gets ready for date night, she can’t decide if her relationship is good or just plain bad.

“I’m literally just not feeling good at all. I’m feeling a little bit fragile,” she explains.

Now, the date.. it pretty much consists of them sitting on a towel in some forest watching people sing opera. AWKWARD!

She’s been through a lot.

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Anyway, back to our lovebirds Sean and Susan who go to a luxury farm stay!

For some reason, we think their relationship has grown much stronger ever since Susan declared the ‘friend-zone’.

“I really really love him. Yeah,” Susan admits (again and again).

Non-concealed bathrooms are never a good idea.

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Until next time fairies!

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